Best of JDM Tuner Cars Compilation 2018!

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It’s that time of the year again! Let’s enjoy 25+ minutes of Japanese tuner cars!


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* Note * : Yes, I know that there are also quite some cars in this video that are not 100% true JDM. You’ll see many LHD cars as well (US or EU spec). When making this video I interpreted the term ‘JDM’ loosely. That way I decided to include basically every Japanese car (from a Japanese manufacturer) that is considered iconic by most people in the tuning scene. Obviously, we’re talking about the Skyline, Supra, RX7, S-chassis, Lancer Evo, Civic Type R, Impreza WRX sti etc, even though some of them are left hand drive.



Lars Mars Cars says:

For the people wondering why there aren't that many Skylines and Supras in this video: That's because I'm currently working on separate 'Best of Nissan Skyline' and 'Best of Toyota Supra' compilations! So keep an eye on the channel. Many more vids coming soon. Thank you all for watching. It's strongly appreciated <3

Gangsta Street says:

3:56 what car is it? ¿Qué auto es?

عطاء غير مجذوذ Perfect[صادق صابر] says:

God Willing

Driv1337 says:

Make also best of rotary sounds 2018

Rosanne Smit says:

9:51 do you have Vtec ? Love it meer van dit graag! De CRX ook mooi die van de skyline wint!!!

تعديل اضواء السيارات LED sihl says:

The Crazy LED Cars of algeria

Clanof Xymox says:

toyota altezza gets zero love once again

Chris Tonne says:

Tolle Zusammenstellung ***

SkypraPlays says:

Beautiful Dutch JDM Car Culture!

SkurrSkurr says:

Big respect for the hard work of recording and editing, thank you we appreciate it!!

KM DR says:

I'm not getting your notifications ☹

Asif Noaman says:

This is what I like great vid

Marco Estupiñan says:

podrías subir una recopilación, pero del grupo vag? saludos desde México!

Josh C says:

Amazing collection you've put together!

A Cruz says:

I like the s13 I think in minute 1:30

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