BEST OF JDM Tuning Cars! Nissan R34 R35 GT-R, 370Z, Toyota Supra, Lancer Evo

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Here is a big compilation of JDM cars! JDM Cars are loved all over the world and one of the reasons is their engine notes!

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Raditya Firmansyah says:

Skyline oh oh love love

Robin kapoor says:

I love mazda rx7

Rowan Hagman says:

Waar was het

Luc Boerlage says:

hahahahah i saw myself

cflips 06 says:

That gtr is my uncles

Zakk loves cars Grier says:

Most of these if not almost all are not JDM. It stand for Japanese domestic market meaning it must follow regulations and one way to know that it is JDM is a steering wheel on the opposite side of cars sold in America

Maroine Errabia says:

07:24 wa sir t9awaad hahahahahaha

dochristian36 says:

That liberty walk 370z is so loud and fat

Laurenz xD says:

Bunch of party poopers who placed those speedbumps

Kamaishi says:

Not gonna lie, most of these cars were pretty boring.

Kamaishi says:

The fact that I can hear the BOV of the GT-R makes it 5 times better

JDMファンボーイキリスト教の says:


koragot Madaeng says:

Why the hell set speed bump in middle of the road?

Elezer_ Jefferson says:

Supra was at 5:40

Sam Sepiol says:

What's the car at 8:55?

fajar rahmat.w says:

I want Lancer Evo 🙁

TheGreatSamdini says:

9:52 DANG what's in that E30 though?

NGT says:

Why these tuned r35 smoke so bad ?

Markusplayz2005 says:

How does the 350z at 0:16 sound so good!?

Sandcat Friends says:

RX-7 FD3S is the best Japanese car

Badulaques says:

1:38 born much gasoline or oil gg driver

Stahan Production says:

What the camera shot?

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