Best of Tuner Cars 2019 – Liberty Walk, Huge Wings, Rocket Bunny, Widebody and more!

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A compilation about the craziest, loudest and funniest Tuner Cars I’ve seen so far! From huge wings and widebodies to deafening exhaust sounds!

BMW M4 Liberty Walk
BMW M4 Widebody
Ford Focus ST w/ Huge Wing
Honda Civic Widebody
Kia Ceed Widebody
Mazda RX8 Widebody + Huge Wing
Nissan 350Z Rocket Bunny
Nissan 350Z Widebody + Huge Wing
Nissan GTR Liberty Walk
Nissan Skyline GTT 4 door
Rat Rods
and many more!

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My Gear:
Video camera: Sony FDR-AX53 4K
Microphone: Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote
Photo camera: Nikon D7100
Laptop: Asus UX305

Enjoy the video!


Youtube Fanboy says:

3:30 apart from some parts of that civic it’s actually not that bad but definitely not the chrome wheels

Rayzo - says:

i couldn't laugh more than that when i saw the thumbnail and the title. i mean, it matches VERY MUCH!

Jhonny Canales says:

Watching this vids while pooping

Mr Fireblade says:

maybe that rx8 owner on the thumbnail doesn't want to ruin his sexy rear end

70% ricer

Nikurasu says:

7:37 How to destroy a good car

knuckle brawler says:

beef, chicken, pork, shrimp fried rice, everywhere. this is awesome…

Yannik M says:

7:37 what ’s the Name of this car ?

Jason Lavelle says:

That green honda civic at 1:56 looks like it has buckled wheels

G Williams says:

A my car dem man car fassa dem we kill

Hongboum Kennard says:

too many na 350z i wanna hear some turbos

le simple sand boxeur says:

8:50 dont use your phone on the road

Marko Marković says:

Follow @auta.tuning on instagram to view more pictures with tuning cars

jacob donovan says:

At what point do we draw the line between rice and nice?

Game Twinz! says:

2:22 the rocket bun is soooo sick + #Supralove

Joshua Thao says:

1:46 I think that’s a ricer

Elijah Hector says:

8:50 that dude got hit

Glossy Flamingo says:

Mostly tuner, just a little rice

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