Best RWD JDM Cars

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Carmen Lopez says:

What year is the honda snx ?!

charles malingan jr says:

Toyota starlet kp61 should be number 1

Aziz Hanedan says:

Silvia s15 should give its place to rx7…

ACES Media says:

Song is cancer

John sense says:

NSX is number one by quite a bit. The GT 2000? Not even in the list

city demo says:

whats that next to the trueno at 2:00

tadhg Mckenna says:

Nissan skyline r34???

MaartenGodzilla says:

Nissan skyline r34 ???

Micael PIERRE says:

Who else thought about takumi when the 8 6 came on

Shelby Miller says:

You forgot the celica

Firefly Assassin says:

Does this kid know that the 180zx and the Silvia are the same ik ones s13 and ones s15 but still

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