Dream Weekend visiting Tokyo Auto Salon & Drifting at Nikko Circuit

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Ever wondered what it’s like to attend one of the biggest and wildest auto shows in Japan and then go drifting in the country where the sport was born? GTChannel network partner Tomimoto Films (https://www.youtube.com/tomimotofilms) took a trip to check out JDM culture, and interviewed some characters along the way.


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Falo says:

3:063:14 Best part of the video.


This video is awesome! So much cool content and impressive cutting – big probs!

Allen Saunders says:

wonderful film making love the content

Riva'i Anugraha says:

this is why i love japan. not anime.


Wow a car show video that I did not smash to dislike button and quit after the two minute mark. It really doesn't have what I was looking for but I still stayed for the whole show pretty good.

สุรัตน์ มุ้ยทองคุ้ง says:


CrushingGroovesByAlexFromSuffer says:

Music A+ !!! ? What music ??? Sounds like Giorgio Moroder

LaRRy L33T says:

1:12 song name plis ;!

juan dejesus says:

This video in 4k would be so much better.!

P CS says:

what is the song at around 11:44?

Raphael Brian says:

who is the girl at 5:13

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