Forza Horizon 2 – JDM Car Meet Cruise, Drift and Drag #1

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Game: Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2 again takes place during the fictional “Horizon Festival”, this time being held in southern Europe, focusing on southern France and northern Italy. The game world has approximately three times more drivable area than that for the original Forza Horizon, with events set in Provence, Tuscany and Côte d’Azur, among other regions.[citation needed] Players will explore the region, taking part in races and special events in order to advance through the game. Events can take place at day or night, and a dynamic weather system is being added for the first time in a Forza-series game.
Among new features in the game is the “Bucket List”, which is a group of challenges for the player to complete, similar to the 1000 Club in Forza Horizon. There will be two separate lists; one for France and another for Italy. It has also been confirmed that these challenges will be continuously updated to provide new challenges throughout the map. Car Meets are an online mode where players can meet up online and compare their cars, similar to “Forzavista” mode in Forza Motorsport 5. Players will also be able to interact with each other in Car Meets, including sharing tuning setups and liveries.

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Xiado Nofam says:

very nice bro

The green Frog says:

Yeah that be awesome bro

Meng Moua says:

u should make another I wouldn't mind being in it 

Qatar cars says:

in the part where you were drifting in the airport,it shouldn't be called ''drifting'',it should be called ''هجولة'' which is SAUDI STYLE DRIFTING

Devyn Fonda says:

Damn that BRZ IS SICK!

I LOVE JDM says:

Omg a 240 sx is not an import……….. Jkjkjkjk if it wasen't I would cry like a little bitch

Bryson Kallner says:

what is your gamer tag

13Th Slasher says:

I'm searching to join meets on gta,I dont play forza horizon 2,cause i got it on xbox 360 that isnt much active anymore.

JDMEaRTh Forza TH says:


Alex Aikens says:

they need to make a game like this on ps4

True Restoy says:

wtf fgt those cars r ugly fgt

thatwas cool says:

anyone that plays this on the Xbox 360 should add me so we can do meets and stuff gt: ES Dark Angel

JEMTHOMAS1999 _ says:

The best forza video I've ever seen

khalfan makori says:

The drift at the beginning was enough for me to like this video this video is the first one i have seen of yours I've got to say hats off

K.Shikaka says:


TheOfficialMineCrew says:

holy fuck this video gives me goosebumps, i wish i had friends like this and shit.

ryan leavy says:

Hello Forza lovers I do cruises on forza horizon 2 Xbox 360 if anyone wants to join add me:fUnkeyMunkey55 message me when you can:)

Good Theif says:

people always support jdm :)))))) XD

Keays Gaudin says:

Not sure you know what JDM is.

Christian Oggs says:

Wish I could join jdm

Mark Johns says:

when do u play

Fresh Gaming12 says:

This is amazing

ViscosePick24 - says:

Xbox 360 car meet
1 must have mic
2 must be nice
3 no cars newer than 2000
This is just for fun Xbox 360 gamertag is viscosepick24

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