GTA 5: Top 10 JDM Cars

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As a huge JDM fanboy, I thought I’d make this video to showcase some of my favorite cars in GTA 5. These 10 cars are all great in their own way, whether that means they’re fast, rare, unique, etc. and many of them I’ve been driving ever since I played GTA 5 on my Xbox 360. These are definitely some great cars to add to your garage if you don’t already have them!

DISCLAIMER: The cars in this video are listed in no particular order. This is my own personal opinion, but you can still leave some suggestions for other good JDM cars if you’d like!


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StevieWunderKid says:

Holy crap this already hit 1k views! Thanks for the support guys ❤ don't forget to subscribe to see more videos like this!

Edit: 5 months later and we're at 20k views! Absolutely mind-blowing. Thanks again to everyone for watching!

ManlyMantis 101 says:

They need to add the rx7 FD

ethan arnold says:

The blasts would be good if it had decent firment

Cosmic Viking 1:1 says:

The vulcar Warrener is a volvo 144

Pleeq says:

The vulcar warrener is a Volvo in GTA 5

3T_OG says:

Wheres the karuma?? Evo 10 ftw

very rare dawsonッ says:

Love this video man! #JDMLife

ichthus says:

What's the fastest jdm car in gta 5 online?

t1nyturtl3 says:

Absolutely no joke this is the best GTA V video i have ever seen, makes me love the cars i have (elegy retro, jesster classic, blista compact) You are an amazing editor and this video deserves so many more views than it has. Will share with my friends 🙂

blurr says:

I've never seen the Karin intruder and btw what is the name for the intruder in real life

Pat Liprado says:

How do this cars exist in Gta online?

OctaviusGaming says:

Why the fuk cant I find the Karin Sultan Coupe

R2S To'랑스 says:

Real name of this cars:
1. 0:36 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R
2. 0:55 Honda CR-X
3. 1:29 Toyota Supra
4. 2:02 Datsun 510 Wagen
5. 2:41 Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR32
6. 3:22 Toyota Altezza 2-Door
          or Subaru Impreza WRX
7. 3:58 Toyota Altezza 4-Door
          or Subaru Impreza WRX
8. 4:34 Toyota Chaser
9. 4:59 Datsun Fairlady 240Z
10. 5:46 Toyota AE86 GT-S Corolla levin 2-Door

jet x says:

You forgot the runiner thats a nissan 180sx

jet x says:

Me: You forgot the banshee 900r
Everyone: it's a dodge viper
Me: the 900r look like a rx7 wide body to me but the regular banshee is a dodge viper

Water melon says:

Never seen any of these cars but damn these look very cool!!

Jeremy Clarkson says:

Why are the Sultan and the Elegy so low?

lovebysam says:

great video
part 2 plz

Arel Felser says:

no hate but 5:10

Darius Moldovan says:

Nice video, that supra is cleaann

Halo’s Avocado says:

That transition to the jester classic hit me bro.

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