INSANE FLAMES! Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 Ft. Liberty Walk/Armytrix/Airrex/Forgiato

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Armytrix’s YouTube channel:

Armytrix’s website: – The company Armytrix has come up with a very loud titanium exhaust available for the Lamborghini. You can hear this widebody Lamborghini Aventador (an LP720-4 50th Anniversary) modified by LB-Performance doing a series of loud accelerations and revs followed by some huge flames, sounds awesome!

Armytrix Corp. has established itself as a manufacturer of world class titanium and stainless valvetronic exhaust system for high-end performance cars. ARMYTRIX R&D team consists of German and Japanese factory engineers and supercar tuning experts, each of them has more than decades of knowledge and experiences in race track and automotive performance industry.




In case you’re wondering, I’m collaborating with Armytrix and some of their videos will be featured on my channel.


Bob Marley says:

muito foda

らぶあんどぴーす says:



terps412 says:

Until you try going over a speed bumb and wreck it

Ribe says:

You know what, why bring one of those crappy portable stoves when you go camping when you have one of these? Roast a marshmallow the proper way and show the others how it's done!

ugur koc says:

düz yolda altına bakıyor adam. bize yaramaz bu araç :)

Axe Red says:

What's music?

Jr Varela says:

that car very badass poping flames

Echo4Tango says:

the Japanese always doing shit right!

Rick Koolen says:

INSANE!! :-)

DanielTseng100 says:

this is a good defense against go pro burglars xD

Bernard Barbour says:

Insane! Love it!

Tolgahan Ürker says:

musıc what? ??????? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

Peluchin T says:

Is bad get a erection earing this?

hardcore gamers says:

i bought one really good car oh well on forza horizon 2

Cody Gaming says:

+flying jellyfish that's not ricing that's "TUNNING"

Thomas Donghi says:

che figata allucinante

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