Japanese cars culture in Japan – Old vs New [Full Car Documentary]

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Carlitox b says:

This people are the most amazing people in the world… Tons of respect for their work

Edward Jordan says:

If you love cars and dogs you are a great human being. But it wouldn't be a good idea to modify a dog, just saying.

Dazzmond Western says:

I want to go to japan so bad…

Smouse Smouse says:

The vid needs to be in a higher definition apart from that quite informative thanks

tobytomic says:

omg 6:05 handsdowwwwwnnnnnn

MrBiezpiendiizelis says:

i fucking love documentaries in 360p

I Ren says:

Mad respect for these guys.

Keeshawn Lake says:

I really like the "modified classic car" scene. modern tech with beautiful classic design.

Dean Graves says:

this was one of the best documentaries i have ever watched. it was very satisfying and entertaining. koodos.

SUPRA says:

Who else cringed when he said pimp out Porsches

fmxinsane says:

and i thought RWB was a big ass place all fancy. Amazing! he cuts thru a porsche fender like hesitation. wow im amazed

Leman Russ says:

I'd buy from Rocky Auto. That's a beast of a skyline.

minusT says:

Great Doc, Thanks.

Richard Rowe says:

I'm an old-school muscle guy. First car was a 1980 Buick Regal with a 500ci big block Caddy. But, have to say…over the years, I have developed an appreciation for these classic Japanese cars and Japanese styling.

Maloy7800 says:

Get rid of the subs. Just dub it over.

ShelbyKingNFS says:

9:42 Thats the devil Z!!!

Pan tera says:

the japs are fucking genius with design. i used to talk a LOT of shit about honda civics for a long time…
USED to…

Frankie Tolentino says:

some Japanese are awesome in car like jdm and liberty walk
some are ricers
(just saying)

4AGE says:

did they forget the legendary corolla ae86

Joel Alvarez says:


Joel Alvarez says:

MADE IN THE USA.  Perhaps he is, we also have to be careful.  It's hard to trust anyone.

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