JDM Car Culture 2018

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JDM Car Culture 2018 at the Eikon Centre, Northern Ireland.

My first time attending a JDM event here and wow it was awesome. I have always been a JDM fan but I never knew this country had so much gems/builds. From retro to present, the show had it all.

I made this video for Mynt Automotive, thanks for having me there. Hope you like the video.

Shot by:
– Eric Cheung
– John Rafferty
– Darragh Loughran

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R star Legendary says:

my uncle is a co-founder and I am going to JCC-car culture 2019 p.s at the min stall

tommy riordan says:

I seen hapf of these cars for sale

Logan Kraft says:

Car at 4:51 anyone?

xdverrillgamer says:

I will be in here when I grow up
Mom: u will never do it:)
Me: ah I was just joking
whispers I never give up xd

Lel if I could make a jdm car I would take a rx-7 fd or a supra turbo:/

fabianbeyerle says:

Cool, what car is it at 2:45, does anyone know? I like it!

Chen Zen says:

What type of car is that ? 0:56

shahidali619 says:

Beautiful. Well done Eric

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