JDM Tuner Cars Leaving Meets 2017! Awesome Sounds!

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In this video you will see a bit of a compilation I made of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Tuner Cars Leaving Car meets! Over the past few months a visted quite a few car meets at which I saw a ton of Japanese Tuner Cars, some of the highlights for me were:
700HP Toyota Supra drift
550HP Nissan R33 GTR rwd burnout
Honda NSX turbo
600HP Nissan R33 GTR single turbo
Nissan R34 GTR launch control
Nissan 350Z HKS exhaust
600HP Mitsubishi Evo X
Mitsubishi Evo VIII Launch control
550HP Mazda RX-7 FD3S 3-rotor Twin Turbo
Let me know your favorite in the comments below!
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J, Williams says:

I left a mopar meat one time. in my turbo PT. I got crazy looks cause it was louder then all the muscle cars. PT FOR LIFE :]

Forte5 RS says:

Bravo for standing out in the rain while I enjoy it nice and dry in my chair with a nice cold coke 🙂

Mickhail Squire says:

nice my thing tho

CHIDORI 千鳥 says:

If you out anything else than a rotary in a rx-7 you don't deserve the car

Sword of damocles says:

1:38 Jah daar een burnout doen, tuurlijk. Mafketel.

papavalesRS says:

wtf scubi throws parts from the exhaust?

EDM ♥ says:

so god damn many supras. and its so ugly car

Bas Spaansen says:

1:35 / 1:40 ' burnout ' is hij echt zo kkr dom! 4×4 duhh gtr

Martin Dixon says:

Sideways Supra 11:11

G00N says:

drinking game: take a shot every time you see a supra

Hudson -how too says:

Proof that you can still be a car guy with kids

CH Playz says:

01:40 you know that moment when you ask for a burnout on a 4wd car…

Arax 91 says:

Mazda RX7 have a rotary engine, not a fcking V8….

Khosa airborne says:

Best jdm compilation

Brian Ellis says:

btw a get skyline is not a tuner u dumb ass it's a sky line. there's a diferince

Chad Meyer says:

Nothing like gas burners that smoke more than diesels. FAST!!!

derty_rabbit says:

Did the guy tell the gtr to "burn out"??? Lol

Nicholas Wong says:

That v8 rx7 pissed me off… fucking dumbasses

Rhys says:

from pretty much 10:00 onwards its straight supras, wtf

XxTeddyThaGod xX says:

Gtr's was a complete dissapointment, you telling me with all that power you still can't muster a burnout jesus

Pe Ter says:

thank you to who ever stood in the rain for parts of this video

Christiyan Andriyanto says:

why r33 is too rare ?

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