JDM Tuner Cars Leaving Meets! EPIC Sounds!

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In this video you will see a bit of a compilation I made of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Tuner Cars Leaving Car meets! Over the past few months a visted quite a few car meets at which I saw a ton of Japanese Tuner Cars, some of the highlights for me were:
400HP Mazda RX-7
Nissan 370Z Straight piped
Nissan R33 GTT flames
Toyota Glanza V burnout
Widebody Nissan GTR R35
Nissan GTR R35 straight pipes
Nissan R33 Skyline nurburgring
Subaru Impreza WRX straight pipe
500HP Mazda RX7 FD3S 3-rotor twin turbo
Let me know which was your favorite in the comments below!


Nautilus says:

8:12 was that poor thing supercharged????

marcoallin says:


Jānis Gedrovičs says:

that subaru at 1:16

ThaDutchDK1989 says:

1:14 hee die lijer heeft de megane gekocht die ik wou kopen. 2:35 haha hij wou driften maar dat lukte niet met z'n kaperswagen.

Car Lovers says:

at 3:03 was that the Nissan Hot Hatch with the SR20DET does any one know the name of it

Calvin Klein says:

jdm is love
jdm is life

VincentMX5 says:

Ah leuk mijn MX-5 ook gefilmd @ 5:40

Skyline r33 says:

bedankt voor het filmen van men auto in deze video 🙂

VT SV says:

awesome vid dude!

Dimitar Petrinski says:

the nsx and all the rotaries are awesome, thanks

FivePrince says:

waar kan je zien waar en wanneer er zo'n car meet is?

GuitarBro's4Life says:

another great video…. as always! 🙂

Supercarsfromeu says:

Awesome video like always

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