JDM Tuning Carporn Heaven + Classic BMW 3200 CS [Autopia Visit Part 2]

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Hello carmrades!

On my trip to Brazzerslava I visited my dear friend Thomas and his wonderful car tuning company Autopia. Part 3 coming tomorrow!

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATkb7o5W6II
Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SZGEok6n1E

More on Autopia:


Credits to RayWho for my soundtrack here: https://soundcloud.com/raywho/russiiaaaaaankurwomacwdupejeba

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drtone says:

ATTESA is 4wd, not 4 wheel steer……..o/w, nice porn

Samuel Candela says:

woooow awesome content!

Gabriel Antonioli says:

this guy is awesome

Jens _ says:

Where is his accent from?

Rui Pinho says:

U breathe motorsport!!!

Trent Marlowe says:

What an awesome bloke. Love the shop tour and good to see Aussie parts getting used. I still think he should be using Motec engine management but I'm an Australian so I might be biased.
Cool vid Boris, I really enjoyed that and great to see a rotor make an appearance.
Keep these coming mate. Top job.

mrawesomelemons says:

Dutch ECU? Is that a KMS? My teacher worked there haha

99Lezard99 says:

Lol Renault sold a nissan 4 wheel steering as new in thier laguna coupe.

Iris C says:

aaah c'mon ya quit to soon
don't get me wrong i like Skylines, Scooby's not so much i'm more the (late) EVO girl
(eletronic 4WD 10x beter than mechanical Scooby)
and i love RX7 FD
but i realy Adore Por(n)sches and ya stop the video there :((

ThibauT M says:

Holding on to his tooth brush

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