Nürburgring JDM Summer Special 2016 – BEST of JDM Cars Compilation Nordschleife Touristenfahrten

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Nürburgring JDM Summer Special Compilation 2016 – BEST Of Nissan Subaru Mazda Honda & Toyota JDM Cars – Nordschleife Touristenfahrten

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Impreza Skyline GT-R RX7 RX8 240SX 180SX Silvia Supra Lancer Evolution Cressida 350z MX5 Prelude


Charlie Holmes says:

The nissan gtr isn't a jdm car its a supercar

Troll Profi says:

jdm unreliable craps. but no hondas. world is full of jdm fagg$ that hate Hondas

TrapKoga says:

skyline squad was the best part of the video so far….

Enrique David says:

Gtr's and rx8's ain't JDM

jethical b15 says:

911 > Skyline

Change my mind

Joe Henderson says:

Needs more eurobeat.

Nissand21 guy says:

Get some video of a Nissan Hardbody on the ring lol

Pducks.supreme says:

9:18 I came instantly

Pducks.supreme says:

R35 not JDM

Glasterz says:

A lot of these cars aren't JDM:
JDM cars must conform to Japanese rules and regulations. An easy way to pick out a JDM car from a crowd is if it is right hand drive. They drive on the left side of the road which means their cars are right hand drive. For example, that yellow R35, though it is from Japan, is not JDM as it is left hand drive.

Xavier Ridge says:

I noticed that a lot of the Silvia’s in this video are KA powered, do they allow SRs in Germany?

Midnight Gambler says:

drifting is gay

elbenja008 says:

1:40 FF DORIFTO?!?!

James Keo says:

The sti's were gettin it

FsAviation says:

#Jap Power

the crimson fucker says:

the R35 isnt a jdm car its no skyline

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