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I join @BossCarsUK as we convoy to JapFest Silverstone in my Mazda RX8. A selection of epic JDM cars including a Skyline R34 GTR, some S15s, S14s, Supras and more!

Instagram: @adamc3046


DildosForChristmas says:

Am I right in thinking that the red S15 with the big wing belongs to Josh who's sometimes on Jamie FYD channel?

cock turnip says:

UK car scene has a serious element of chav about it . Peace .

Chris Tonne says:

Sehr tolles und schlichtes Video ***

Abdul Qadir says:

The red skyline thou

Smiddy says:

Great video! Subscribed

Michael Hall says:

Bro sell your rx8 there to girly

Leo says:

That yellow supra <3333333

Josh Holder says:

Veilside, pronounced vale-side not veel-side

RX8 says:

You should put mineral oil in an RX-8 not synthetic. Mineral oil is cheap, you can get it at Euro Car Parts. The number one killer of RX8's is wrong oil.

Matt Thurgood says:

Heyy!! I'm famous!! 10.29 I'm in the middle!!!!!!
My phone bings!!!

Cynical Robot says:

Pretty decent dashcam to be honest, what model is it pls?


You didn't help yourself by buying the slowest version RX8 they made, either! The 231 has about 40bhp more than the 192, which you have 😛

Jarrads 32 says:

Does anyone actually like the 350z sound or is it just the owners ? As they sound absolutely terrible !!

Nora Wolf says:

wrap land pause sokznp touch everyday lack profession voter enter occasionally

mischiefpwns says:

Rx8 quiet? You aren’t driving it right…

Roberto Lombardi says:

Brilliant video, I love going to car meets and this ticks all my boxes.

Hoppers Motorsport vlogs says:

Awesome video again Adam

KraazyMc says:

Straight pipe the rx8

Maytricks says:

1:56 car people and underpasses are a match made in heaven

Antreas Subaru says:

go subaru fuck

Unco Casey says:

Yet not a single JDM car in sight.

Eric M says:

your cars trash get that off the lot how did you even get an invite lol ?

Diego Yañez says:

Your rx-8 want some modification❤️

EnzedDev says:

has a stock rx8 and calls it a show car

Alex Marczuk says:

PLEASE look into premixing oil into fuel. it does wonders to these rotary engines and improves reliability significantly

Serena Hansen says:

RX8 owner tip: If you hold the oil bottle on its side when pouring and take it slow, it won't glug. I kept a 1L bottle in the back of mine and topped that up from the much cheaper 4L bottles at home. There is a product called Stayhold which is great for holding the top-up bottles in the recesses in the corner of the boot, upright so they don't leak on the carpet 🙂

mezalong says:

I sucked Adam off

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