Top 10 cars under 5k ! JDM Edition

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Matt Harvey says:

integra type r for 2.6-3.7k? lol

dude and car says:

shit out wish I can find a ae86 for under 5k

Eridan Ampora says:

where I live the most common jdm car would be an r32 or s2000 but the 86 is so rare that it's probably a lot more than 5k where I live

Bill Nye says:

if a buy a civic no one will like you, facts.

will power says:

RX-8s are more like 6-7k but still I would want one

Mason Boaz says:

I found a blue 04 wrx blob eye hatch for 5k and has about 200,000 miles but it's sold by a subaru dealer in my area is it worth it?

Kenneth Zozobrado says:

must be nice finding an 02 subaru impreza rs for under 5k, they all are around 15k now the cheapest ive seen was roughly around 10k

Kana Rc says:

i just got interested in cars. What does jdm mean

misael lazos says:

What's the name of this song!???

Hal0xOwNsxU says:

would you say a "2000 toyota celica" would be a good car to buy for around 3-4k?

Patrick Bartin says:

Fuck JDM, im getting a Euro. mk4 Golf GTI 1.8T

Big Spacey says:

cars are gay as fuck. of course your would leave out the real cars, like the Lexus is300. smh

CNG (109) says:

Where's the Miata?

mhm says:

first of all fuck all of those vtec pieces of shit.

zHighTimes says:

A 20th GTI with 110k for 6k ? Worth it ? Cut frame though kind of steering me away…

Kashan Khan says:

How is the honda civic upper models like 2006-2011 si

Teh StyLz says:

Orrrrr get a nice maintained motorcycle, win every time lol.

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