Tuner/JDM Cars Arriving at Paul Walker Memorial meeting – 850HP SUPRA, LOUD M2's, Skyline's etc!

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Today I went to the yearly memorial of Paul Walker, he is a famous actor who died 5 years ago. He is known from the Fast and Furious movies. I have made a video of some of the cars who attended the meeting.
Supra and Silvia’s recorded an hour before the video at another location (not part of the meeting)

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gtrigga says:

Dutch people are crazy! In a positive way! 😉

jackson yee says:

Is that Seat on 3:10? It sounds great tho

Enriko Park says:

I smiled so hard when that supra went off

Mr_GOLD_MG says:

Waar was de meeting ???

honda mt5 says:

Waarom BMW hij hield van Japanners….

Bryan Eekelder says:

Whoa those wheels on that 500 are hella sweet.

Gamen4Bros says:

nederlans heujjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

Sivasli020 says:

Was een leuk filmpje tot de shitvics kwamen

Rodney beursken says:

de supra is 872 pk niet 850


nice twingo

Noble Vigilance says:

Rest In Peace brother.

Stylo says:

5:51 ben ik jammer dat ik je telaat zag had hem anders in zn antilag gegooid

Robert Knetemann says:

Waar was dit eerste stukje

DVZ_91 says:

Ik heb mezelf gespot met een maat van me op 2:05, stond verder niet veel bijzonders helaas wel leuke video!

Lennard van der kraats says:

5:38, die wielen met die fenders…

Fuzzwan says:

4:39 tuner u say with a trash can

Fuzzwan says:

Trash skylines

kinggrimlock35 says:

They all garbage except the M2’s.

Red AF says:

0:58 wat een mafkees

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