#1. Another Infiniti M45 JDM Engine Replacement Project. Any requests?

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I have another VK45DE project in the works. I am going to replace my 06 M45 engine with an ex-Japan engine, I believe from the Nissan Cima.

This time I received my JDM engine with a transmission.
Although I don’t have a proper 03 M45 drivetrain with me, this combination could be a good one to show the differences between the vk45de engines and re5r05a trans.

Is there anything in particular you would like to see?


gsxellence says:

If you don't mind me asking what caused the locking?

AaronR says:

Awesome E! Look forward to your future videos on this!

karl smith says:

I saw a LS swapped G35 and wondered how hard it would be to put the LS in a M35 or M45

Michael Ramkissoon says:

Only request: do this to my M45. Please

sergio cisneros says:

I’m looking into putting a supercharger on mine. Do you recommend changing the intake ? I’m sure the frame would be able to take the boost, but my worry is the valves inside. Also, any solutions to making the car a manual ? I’m very unfamiliar with compatible transmissions.

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