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SwagDogee says:

my dads car sounds better than the first car

shota bukhaidze says:


Domi nik says:

so satisfying ._.

mario986m says:

that aint vq35de engine…it was rb25 or rb26

Silver Srt says:

not sure if it has to do with being in a different country, but I saw vq35de and then a rb25 engine followed by skylines.

Inner Cliff says:

…whats the song

and great vid man keep up the great work

Gabe Al-Akkawi (RDXxHydrochloric) says:

okay so an rb engine in a vq35 slide thats cute

John Porter says:

aww no 2JZ or 4AGE? Next video maybe

camel says:

0:41 nice 13b m8

Matthew Price says:

take Robb $tones song off. You you don't know shit about 1207…

Sk8 ur die Eg says:

tbh honda f20c turned me on

Derrick Johnson says:

nice video as always keep up the good work :)

MBDStance says:

Cars at 3:00 aren't VQ's?

Clark Yparraguirre (Clark Y.) says:

awesome channel bro. glad I found it! I'm starting my channel up too!

Gary Dixon GTR says:

Just subbed as I am a Jdm guy, I love the RB26 sound but that's because I love my Gtr. although I did come close to buying a supra for that sweet 2jz sound.

Dodge 318 Cummins says:

Why no diesels? There's a bunch of Jdm ones that sound amazing.

LVCIID noʎ ʇou s,ʇı says:

i own a 1995 Camry :(

James 84 says:

If u want a real heart thumper get a hellcat.

Aj Roman says:

Bro this is awesome. New here but love the channel I also own a rx8 and it's nice to see somebody making videos about them but also making videos like this

Fisty BubbleZ says:

good sheeet<3

lVl I N T Y says:

I love how haters sub just to dislike smh

Mr Random Reviews says:

music to my ears

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