1976 VW Bus Subaru 2.5L JDM engine conversion

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BUSARU conversion that was done in the Spring of 2017. A 1996 JDM 2.5L engine was used with a 1998 USDM wiring harness and computer. A few things have changed along the way, including removing the radiator gurney flap and adding a small scoop to the radiator. The coolant overflow bottle was moved to the drivers side behind the tail light. This bus uses a large rear heater core that really pumps out the heat – a great option to heat the cabin.

Mick Longley http://busaru.com busaru@busaru.com Twitter: VWBusaru


SadamFlu says:

you're awesome man! I really how to approach your loom jobs without worrying and just get them done and simplified. I've done a few myself, but it took me a little longer. I've only done 2 simplifying the looms. the first wasn't so good, but the second came out a lot cleaner with a bit more wisdom haha.

peyeum says:

I am very amazed with you're engine swap work! Very neat, clean yet super functional! Anyway, did you overhaul the subaru engine before installing it to the bus? Or any used subaru engine is good to go without any reconditioning? Thinking about doing the same project as yours! Cheers!

Velocity Labs says:

Wow awesome work!  I love the inline valve on the heater core.  I assume that keeping that shut is going to help keep the interior cool when it's hot outside.

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