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taking a break from the rsx and doing a swap on our 2004 civic! what a pain this was lol


pavel1809 says:

honda last forever lol lol

Wayne Buffin says:

we need more video like this on how to I have a 2001 civic dx model

JOEL LEE says:

Sweet for $400 bucks. Funny when it ran with hole in the block lol. D17s aint that good compared to older d series though.

792bnz says:

I want to do a swap. if it's possible, where are you guys located? I'm in boston

Adam Hinckley says:

Man one of the first start up automotive youtubers to actually know what they're doing and work with cheap cars they bought themselves… I love it!

Ampsworld 18 says:

Go Kenny GO lol

Michael_Ah-Hen says:

really enjoy your videos man, keep up the good work.

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