97 to 01 Honda Prelude Engine Swap. H22A4 to H23A. JDM

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In this video I replace the original H22A4 engine with a H23A used Japanese engine in my 2001 Honda Prelude


1970chevelle396 says:

Please do not ask any questions about the ECU.  You can clearly see that I don't do anything with the ECU. The engine is only .1 liters more that would not effect anything. You can also see in the video that I changed all the parts over from the original engine to the new one.

DRO_Pranks says:

how much does the average engine swap cost? including labor and buying the new engine?

wilkin trejo says:

the ecu doesnt have to be tuned up right? some people say it have to be tuned up? is that true

wilkin trejo says:

someone is selling me h23 vtec and he says is PDE version do you know if is any diference lf this or is it the same?

wilkin trejo says:

where did you get your H23a vtec?

wilkin trejo says:

do you know where u can buy the cabinet filter

wilkin trejo says:

did you had any problems with the stock ecu? did the car idles and doesnt give you full power? and check engine light need to change anything?

Matthew Warrenfells says:

Dumb question , but why do this ?

BuR70N says:

Very helpful thank you

Atreyurock says:

do the f23a engines have the bleeder valve also or no? for example the 98-02 accords.

Chris-Mario A. Portale says:

Clean video, job well done and VERY well described!! If YouTube still had the star-rating system, I'd rate this 6 out of 5 😉

Daniel Valenzuela says:

i have a 01 prelude sh any differences on the swap? . . . i have a rod knock and was thinking of the h23a swap

bluelude2001 says:

Love your prelude videos. Ive have a 01 EBP lude and bought it new. Fun lil car. I'll never sell it lol

Jeff Barrick says:

Sorry for the double comment but did you also install oil squirters in the h23? really contemplating this swap in my 2001. I've done tons of research but your video was the best thing so far because I could actually see it. But to recap the video use everything from my H22 except exhaust manifold. Did you rebuild your old head before reuse? Any parts preferences? Any tips would be awesome. Video was tons of help!

Jeff Barrick says:

What head gasket did you use? H22 or h23?

choppersboy94541yaho says:

Hey ken,
I'm in Bay area California and I'm doing this exact same swap on my 1997 Prelude from H22A1 to Japanese H23A VTEC . I put motor on most new items as well, but now I have no spark. I tried new distributor and new ignition coil, but the problem continues. What you recommend I do?

Sovan Sao says:

hey can i ask what ECU did you use to get it started, im doing the same swap on my 01 prelude? or can I stick with the stock one? please..

Stevo says:

Awesome job ken..wish you lived close..I'd let you do my mechanic work LOL. I know some things but not the real tech things. Most of the time I can figure out a problem. I have an oil leak on a 2002 montero xls that Ive had for about 4 years. I've changed upper cam seals when we did the timing belt. Changed the back upper cam seal on passenger side. Changed oil sending unit as it was leaking but it still has a leak that I cannot find where it's coming from. Maybe from the oil cooler and I have no clue where it's at. I've looked and looked so but I'll figure it out eventually. It has high mileage but runs like a new car. No smoking etc so I dont think it's using oil.

Cj Garcia says:

great video, i just finish replacing my 1997 honda prelude h22 with an h23 and my car has a rough idle and seems like its not getting gas into the injectors or something. ill already check for timing and everything lines up..any ides

Alex Moran says:

Subscribed. Hope for more Prelude videos. 🙂

MaedaeMusic says:

Awesome video , around how many miles was it at before you decided to swap ?

M Mold says:

Nice car, electron blue the most desirable of all 5th gens. Please de-rice it while you are at it (blue lug nuts i'm lookin at you) and return it as stock as possible how it belongs.

Tom Zelickman says:

Always good when you can knock out preventative repairs like those heater hoses at the same time. You make this stuff look easy though. I'd have struggled with this.

Best wishes,
Tom Z

Jimbos Garage says:

Good job Ken! You seem to be very knowledgeable about working on motors and replacing motors is that what you do for a living or is it just a hobby?

L&L welding and fabrication says:

nice work ken..I like the way you always take the time to do it rite the way..

Rusty Glovebox says:

Nice job Ken , you got it running like a champ.

Sam's Garage says:

Very well put together.  I picked up some tips.  Thanks.

TOAG says:

You are really thorough and have a lot of knowledge. Nice work.

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