Cool JDM Cars Drifting (Pure Engine Sound)

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Some cool JDM cars drifting at Gunsai touge style track.

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Outro song: Disfigure – Losing Sleep (feat. Tara Louise)

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VX97 says:

0:26 Eurobeat intensifies

Good Sip Of Clorox a.k.a inferno says:

0:28 the same Trueno in Gaskings "Stupid Ricer Goes to Car Show" vid

Andy Vazquez says:

I bet takumi fujiwara was behind the wheel of that panda 86 -.-

A1M AND F1R3 says:

I see 4 door sedan/saloon drift cars I click

SkylineZ says:

0:26 DEJA VU!!!!

AloneNezZ says:

The RX7 got fires on that tires

ふむふむ洋一 says:

gunnsai kana?

Spencer Mitchell says:

where the fuck is an LS when you need it -_-

JinX Battlefield says:

3:21 that RB26 engine sounded exactly like paul walkers r34 from 2fast 2furious

Fire Bold31 says:

if you like Drift just play carX drift racing Free

RUFO-_-DK says:

JapanCars forever!!!

GIGS 1986 says:

from japan

Lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

That Lightning Mcqueen s15 always gets me…

Diego Reyes says:

Is this what Heaven looks like?

SPVRTV. says:

0:24 inertia dorifto ?

Motorstormer Extreme says:

is this what heaven looks Like?

Princessa_Sebastian says:

I wish eating ass could sound this good

ZeGenesis says:

666th viewer

ばならい says:


Nikuras u says:

The Tofu Hachi Roku!

masahito sato says:

I miss my country

Omar Sanchezz says:

y la primera reproduccion cabrones

Omar Sanchezz says:

primer comentario lindos carros saludo

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