Gaskings Presents – SAVAGE JDM BOATS – Jdm Engine Swaps

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Gaskings Presents – Watch these savage boats that have had engine swaps for car engines. JDM engines such as the supra 2jz engine powering these little boats that now go like rockets. This is what happens when you give a boat to a tuner!


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2JZ TurboXtreme – Single Seater Jet Sprint Boat –
wankel turbo ski race boat
13HP Honda Long Tail – 16X48 Jon Boat – Beaver Dam Mud Runners –
1uzfe twin turbo boat –
Supercharged Lexus V8 Boat –
2JZ Jet Boat- First run –
Riding In The 2JZ Rolls Royce Phantom –
2JZ TurboXtreme Sprint Boat –


Gaskings says:

6CREW! Come meet me at CarCon 10th December: ITS FREE

TCE Edits says:


Tuna The Pro says:

I shitted at my pants at the first clip XD

Carter Hanson says:

what about boat powered cars?

YamaMerJohnson says:

He does know the “honda” one is a lawnmower engine, right? Not from a car lmao

Seth Boltron says:

i was thinking of stanced boats when i first read the title XDD

dont ask why or how. my brain just does.

Kobi122 says:

6:15 that's Peter cohey and I don't think that is a tuner boat his boat has a custom built Chevy small block sooo not a tuner

Invomitus Maelstrom says:

video starts at 1:30 you're welcome

Bro Tang says:

the small boats are sprint boats, they're actually a 2 seater and pretty good fun to go watch

AveragePcGamer@ says:

Shit I was at work 🙁

Rolan Marzo says:

Pls make video in car con

Dawson Ratliff says:

The first and last clip are the same but different angles

Robert Lamma says:

Not jdm but I found a supercharged 502 chevy big block in a police auctioned cigarette boat

Maliek Green says:

Which toyota v8 was that at 3:52

Jake Parksepp says:

Hi my boyfriend Jack Major, is a massive fan of your YouTube channel . He absolutely loves cars he knows what every single car is , where it came from, it's history and even who created it. I have discovered you have left a comment on his channel which he was over the moon about it , he was bragging to almost everyone. I was wondering if you could wish him a Merry Christmas just a short video . Maybe along the lines of "Hi Jack , I have an announcement to make, I am wishing you a merry Christmas from your boyfriend Jake and myself. " (it would be great for it to be a private message, unless you would like it to be public) . Thank , I hope to hear from you soon

Cringecrafter 87 says:

Can't come live in pa

XL 500 cool midget says:

Fuck you Bich

Tee Bee says:

i dont typically care for your videos, youre a bellend. but this shit is lit.

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