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After many years of debating when to buy it, I finally decided to purchase my dream engine. Stay tuned to see what my future plans hold with it.

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Song by huese zues crona-pill


mr.almeida says:

I don't understand how this channel doesn't have at least 50k subscribers. Good stuff

buddy says:

Buy a rb30 next 26/30 build

aameps G37 says:

Rasta Far I salute you from Cali.

teammusketeers says:

Yow Pj need some of ur rb25 goodies need to hook up really soon man

Heffe Kilo says:

Congratulations PJ! Stoked too see what you do with the heart of Godzirra!!!…def will be watching..take it easy man..

Alex Groh says:

Sell me your rb25 manifolds

Eric Grim_Squad 954 says:

That 26 is no joke bro. Can't wait to see what you do to her

D S says:

This is gonna be LEGENDARY…. Are you putting it into the s14?!

First name Last Name says:

Aye man how do you afford for upgrades i try but this shit is expensive lol.

Jorge Clemente says:

Big motivation man! I have a rhd hatch sr20

Jayvath says:

GJ Bro. Keep up the good work RB26, Fucking BEAST Mode

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