Information you need if you are considering a JDM Engine Swap

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Flatirons Tuning Tech Tips – Information you need if you are considering a JDM Engine Swap

It is pretty common for us to get questions about directly swapping a Japanese Market engine (JDM) into a US market car (USDM). And it would be great if it was as simple as it seems like it should be to just install the engine and move on down the road.

Unfortunately it isn’t necessarily.

If you are considering doing this swap, there are some things that you need to know so that you can make a good decision about going down this path. So we have put together this video to answer the most common questions that we get asked about doing this swap.

Hopefully this helps you, and thanks for watching!


Justin Moore says:

If you do your homework you can get a non avcs 2.0 from an importer and swap out the intake and exhaust manifolds, couple cam pulleys, and sensors and you'll have an excellent running engine. I'm 3 years on a JDM 2.0 swap and I'm extremely happy with it. Even came with huge ported heads and ran great with minimal tuning.

Go home roger Washington says:

So I have a 02 wrx with a jdm v7 sti transmission. The previous owner had it wired up to his stock usdm 02 wrx ej205 but it blew and I bought it with no motor so if I get a non avc jdm ej205 I don't have to change the cams and pretty much just transfer all the usdm engine accessories like the intake manifold etc. Also would a tune me nessary? Thanks love your videos!

somlic says:

What do you suggest for a solution for ecu and wiring if you happen to have a 97 LOB w/ JDM ver4 ej207.

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