JDM crate engine for the Legacy Outback!

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In this episode, Aaron solves the issue of the cracked head! But then ends up having to deal with the import company sending the wrong one…


Kevin Hill says:

Stab it in, you're going to have to remove that intake though. Ive put in a couple of these engines, they purr….

802 Garage says:

Damn dude! Sucks you got the wrong one. I would be pissed and disappointed too.
By the way I gave you another shout out in my latest subscribers milestone vid.

Romo Jack says:

I so want to drop one of these in my 06 Impreza

geigertron3000 says:

wooohoooo!!!! looks like fun sir!

airsami28 says:


Homebrew Subaru says:

Thanks but no thanks, right?

This seems to be more and more common in the used online marketplace. Sellers either unaware of what they are selling or sending junk that they hope buyers will be satisfied with. Glad to see the seller is going to help you out. Wait a sec, isn't that sandpaper being applied to the manifold in the next episode?! 😉

steve sisniegas says:

where did you get that motor, i have a subaru legacy 2003 2.5 i need one engine like that , thanks for your video

in motion says:

dam that motor looks so clean the one you showed on line looks like might have more miles or been sitting in would try make the one they sent you work I'm sure they sent you the better of the too.

in motion says:

just lieave it bro and put it in looks like it has low miles

SenselessTuning says:

Waiting for the delivery guy. Just car things! lol

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