JDM Engine Swaps in California REVISITED: BAR Certified

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About a year and a half ago I uploaded a video about all the changes you need to do to your Japanese Domestic Market ej205 to get it to pass BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair Referee Test) in California. Since then I have failed the test 9 times and on the 10th time my car managed to pass. I decided to upload a video to recap what I had done.

Brief summary of the video:
-Need the stock airbox
-Need to get an uppipe from a USDM engine with EGT sensor
-Need to make sure all hoses are factory
-Need to swap cam position sensor and cam gears to non AVCS
-Need to de-tune ECU to account for readiness codes

Bits I forgot to mention:
-A small tear in the BPV hose (past the nipple so no leak) failed me, had to completely replace hose
-Did have an 05 wrx ECU in the car; 2005 is the first year the wrx in the united states changed to a more sophisticated charcoal/evap canister. Up until then every Impreza 93-2004 had the same canister. To avoid this, I swapped my ECU for a 2004 wrx ecu.
-A VSV(variable switch valve) was installed in the dash, this is a valve used to divert the gas tank fumes efficiently into the intake. Since I did not want to swap entire gas tanks I wired the valve up but just tucked it under the dash.

Thanks for watching.

I’m not too familiar with this video making/editing thing. If you feel inclined to offer advice you’re more than welcome to in the comments.


Mike Johnson says:

Why would you have to do any of that to your car?

u mother pancit! says:

Did installing those miscellaneous emissions parts kill hp

Jarod Foto says:

I'm interested in picking it up. How should I contact you?

Bdev x says:

couple questions. how much did it cost per exam if anything? and also did the car orginally have that engine but USDM, or did you do a complete engine swap from a different engine to the ej205?

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