JDM Engine Swaps in California

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The problems with getting a JDM engine swap in california.

2000 Subaru Impreza Coupe.

My Specific problems:
1.) Had to change cam gear to deactivate AVCS as it is not compliant with USDM emissions on a WRX engine. The heads are still AVCS capable but I would need to swap back the cam gears and get a JDM ecu for them to work properly.

2.) Had to get an entire evaporative emissions system put in place to be compliant with California emissions.

All in all, my once JDM engine has now been converted to a USDM engine.

Pros: Low miles, can be converted back to JDM if need be.

Cons: Could have bought and rebuilt a USDM engine for around the same price.


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