JDM EZ30R crate engine swap

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On this episode, Aaron continues resealing the JDM H6 that’ll go in the 2005 Subaru Outback.


Elliott Nunez says:

Hey I have a 2.5L SOHC 08 outback if I buy a replacement JDM engine will everything be the same and can I pass emissions? In New York they use the OBD port to see your readiness monitors. Thank you in advance

jim wally says:

what year is your legacy??

NiteLife says:

In one of your videos you mentioned you lived in Utah. I live in Salt lake and I'm trying to find some beginner places to off road. I'm super new to this so just something easy would be great. I have an 02' Outback that I want to start upgrading. I'm really trying to get into the whole scene. If you know of any good places to go that aren't over a 3 hour drive that would be great! Thanks, Matt.

3dsmackdown says:

How do you like those 150 front cover bolts?


nice work . Which site did u order your parts on? thinking bout doing the same on mine

Cam Piggott says:

love all the vids on the h6 stuff, I've just had a front end crash and have a tiny crack on timing chain cover you refer to it as the front cover in this video, what do you think is the best course of action? is it a big issue and will leak oil? thanks in advance keep up the good stuff

Hayden Ward says:

I just found this channel and I love it

Ricardo Salinas says:

Bro you look like Ed Sheeran lol

surf403 says:

PINK?? The only time pink belongs on a car is when your rebuilding it for your flaming homosexual friend!

Alexander L says:

Just dropped in this channel, nice man I like what you are doing

MrTradeTroll says:

Oil cooler is a 24 mm deep socket

joelyboyblue says:

pink looks so rad

Timothy Brown says:

Nice videos man. I've got a EZ36 in my car (well, came with it) and interesting to see how this build turns out. Noticed at the beginning you've got the same impact Porter Cable that I've got. How useful is it as an electric impact? I haven't used mine yet.

ingfrm says:

At 12:35 pull-up that base (not the leg) and the holes will align. Otherwise drill the hell out of it. Cheers!!!!

deybi1 says:

dude i had to rewind like 30 times when the kid fail now that shit was funny as hell

Cody Hillberry says:

I'm really liking the new intro!

nismofromrus says:

Second channel name is "all about rtv" ))))

802 Garage says:

Hah, nice thumbnail.

acmadni turner says:

so is this the opposite of an sti outback 🙂

glem chally says:


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