Pull wiring harness for Subaru JDM engine

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Busaru.com – Putting a JDM Subaru engine (2.5L) into a Volkwagen Bus Type 2. With a JDM engine you need to have a wiring harness and ECU, as well as al the sensors that make it run right. Take a trip to the junkyard with me as I pull the main harness, the engine harness, and the alternator harness.


Doug Archer says:

I was looking to putting a JDM 2.5l into my 77 Bus. Did you use a USDM harness? Do you have a wiring diagram seeing it is for a JDM engine? Thanks


I feel so much better after watching this thank you now I can finish ripping out the dash an get my harness out woohoo

Forthwith Tx says:

Would you also want to take the crank and cam gears? I understand they are matched to the ECU. At least they are on the later models. Ask me how I found this out…

Hiram Whitaker says:

Thanks for all your information. Makes it so less frustrating 🙂 Have a safe weekend. Peace

Hiram Whitaker says:

have you done the EJ22T yet. I just pulled mine out of a 1994 legacy wagon turbo. I just have to get the fuel pump wire. The main harness unplugs half way of the vehicle.

RandomGuy says:

Are you using this harness for the bug project or something else?

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