Ultimate Turbo, Exhaust, Engine and Blow Off Sounds Compilation #2. Boosted sound!

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Nick Edwards says:

Oh my word…

TheEmperorWearsNOClothes 2014 says:

not impressed

Gian Luca says:

ennu boni i caddari

LongBoarding Fans15 says:

The first one sounded like a horse

HuNTeX _RO says:

Machine gun lol

Grey Fullbuster (Ranic Blitz Vortex) says:


Q U E N T I N says:

4:02 sounded like a song

Hassan Talib says:


Hassan Talib says:


_Kng 14 says:

Music to my ears…….!

Bradley Watson says:

I can just smell the rice through my PC

Grant Stuckwisch says:

The R34 at 3:52 has an Indiana plate. I live in Indiana. Say whaaaaaa!!

Terence Walters says:

What kinda blow off valve is in that First Skyline?

Jude Marie says:

Dodged da fuck out my headphones! Lasers nd shit firin erywer..

DJ says:

0:50 that supra is a fucking beast

Jesse Ramjohn says:

the second r34 sounds angry

Car Of Doom says:

I like how it's called a blow off valve sound compilation but most of the sounds are either turbo flutter, which is caused by the lack of a bov or als/2-step which is a different thing entirely.

TheSRBgamer63 says:

2:25 get some grip man !!!!!!!!.(top gear) :D.

Wojciech Wachowiak says:

I came
I heard
I came

Jason wong says:

Hahahahaha everyone is saying those blaaaassttututuututututu sound is made by the bov

ryaneldredpa says:

I've always been a pickup truck individual. More I see these cars and the potential for power and customization, it's quite evident that this is a sport to definitely look into.

Martin Larin says:

lmao, that type-R speedometer did a 360.

SVT Cobra Lover says:

okay i need to see that supra at 4:42 race or something. does anyone know where i can find more videos of it

Charles Frye says:

i just wanted to see the clean ass engine just a bunch of cars trying to impress on their exhaust

Γιώργος Ασιμάκης says:

2:45 Ελλάδα!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Lluch says:

The type r video is a turn off

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