Which JDM Engine will Power our RA24 Toyota Celica?

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We head to Eagle Japan Motor Importers to pick out an engine for our classic 1977 RA24 Toyota Celica GT project car.

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jon pastel says:

Great video and hope to see more, have same Celica and been wondering on what engine to put inside and what not!

bb65346 says:

cant subscribe to a channel that cant even pronounce a car's brand right..so annoying

brian warlick says:

When I was in Japan they pronounce it the American way

Binghamton Winabagel says:

Open the throttle blade when cranking for compression test. The cylinders will come up a lot faster that way.

ScottiesVlog says:

I can see alot of people moaning but a rev happy beams engine in a light old celica is perfect!!

coil2daover says:

Anyone shopping for an engine should always do a compression test this way before they make the purchase.

aznpride009 says:

150 psi "dry" for a high compression motor is pretty low… on a side note put ITBs :)

LostAquarium says:

So thats a N/A, 2Liter, 4 cylinder from an Altezza making 200hp, here in europe we got a 2 Liter, 6 cylinder Lexus in the same body making 160hp :/ Damn that dual vvti must be awesome! Sweet engine, great choice for the celica!

H3ntairican says:

lovely I wish I would of known about this channel a while ago new subber here

Trevor Philips says:

I was hoping for a K20 :(

Oshea Adams says:

Ayyyyyyy Mississauga reppin

animal16365 says:

I have a 2002 celica gts, with the 6 speed and the first factory body kit. only 37000 miles

Kc Macleod says:

A B-series motor for over a grand? B-series are dirt cheap if you know where to look. You can even pull a K24a2 out of a totaled TSX for less than 300 bucks in good condition, but that is not including the transmission.

JOJO B says:

I'm curious why you didn't choose the motor that comes from the turbo all track celica from japan?they make the same power but fitment and mounting would be cake

kaw kaw says:

yo where speed academy located,in Toronto? I live in gta u guys should do a meet.

Krayzie Trini says:

yoo Eagle Japan lmao, you guys should check scarborough's car scene!

Alexander Pichardo says:

7mgte its a semi bolt on swap or a 22rte its really bolt on and its kinda nostalgic

coolerr2006 says:

is there a good engine swap for the last gen celicas??

Brian Williams says:

selleka. Alteaza

Josh Woods says:

Man if you say Celeeka one more time lol….Its Celica pronounced > Cel- LE – ca. Im not 100%, but in all my life I have never herd it called anything but Celica with the 2nd pronunciation.

mikeflemming711 says:

I would be no good in a place like that. They would kick me out for exposing my crotch to the engines.

fat420cracker says:


DjRjSolarStar says:

The beginning of the video is what heaven looks like for car guys.

full stack says:

get a ls1 motor,u have to fab to get any motor to fit in that car anyway,might aswell be an ls1,if its a direct bolt in then sure go jdm,but a car that old wont have any direct bolt ins

sarukan selvarajah says:

Yeah Toronto Canada

Louis Vermeulen says:

sup yo! very resourfeful copy tasteful # !

Malicioso84 says:

3SGE Beams engine is a great choice, a mate and I did the same swap on his (Aus) IS200/Altezza.
Was quite a bit of fun to do and it turned out great! Very nice to drive now 🙂
The next step is to get some boost into it!

StepHop5 says:

alteeza wtf its al tez a

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