GTA IV – JDM/Tuner/Mod Car Pack – Honda Nissan Toyota!!

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Sorry if the video quality is crumby. I tried to overclock my graphics really high and I guess it didn’t work. Back down to stock clocks just before I upload…


Josh The Vlogger says:

The second car is a subaruļ»æ

DoubleT4596 says:

@Ostnizdasht206 i agree, i am also disappoint. -_-

DriftKingFrank says:

Dumb ass that was a Subaru not a Toyota

SupahEXPE00 says:

hey bro where’s the link its been 1 year but I like it man

Ryan Fatlace says:

2 years later…no link .

James Taylor says:

Honda interior.

Nuruddin Abiyyu says:


Frostneed says:

what song 0:50?

polaris9461 says:

songs plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

iRiceCookr says:

Body kit on the Honda-_-

SupahEXPE00 says:

hey bro where’s the link its been 1 year but I like it man

Goku Aux Mannettes says:

pc? nissan programme?

jamiecivic says:

the 3rd car is e red EK !

CarSpawner says:

What’s the name from first song ?

omgJz says:

How you get this cars ????

CarSpawner says:

@Godslayerify Thx šŸ˜‰

bullteire says:

actually that was nissan.

fadedblu3 says:

Em1 and ek r not the same ? Maybe different engines

Artem Loginov says:

Music Trust Company ā€“ Falling Apart

Jian Nuckle Head says:

no toyota but subaru

camosnpier88 says:


Ostnizdasht206 says:

Still no Honda EG’s… I am dissapoint.. -_-

Krimzon6 says:

@Carrythxd Yeah. I did an overkill on the graphics and it went a little
bad. And about RacerIV. I got some new hardware as such and the series was
all pre-recorded and ready to go on the old hardware I had which was a dual
core and a 9500GT. As I could have re-produced the series which had already
6 episodes made. I decided “not yet” and maybe later. Now I release car
packs; make videos for mods as per usual and work on a mod I call AllIV!

MrPsychopathicManiac hui says:

so i can mod this for xbox360 and get it

lance barrilleaux says:

I love import tuner


is this still only for pc or can xbox do this yet?

Hexthrill says:

Change the description than -.-

WestsideJuggaloFam says:

man im tryin 2 find an EG hatch or EF :/

Austin C says:

Can you add me on xbox TMG LeGeNdZx I like drive the Honda

itstylerpedro says:

no link? good job (y)

michael ho says:

em1 is pretty much ek coupe šŸ™‚

Daniel Fonseca says:

the impreza have chilean plate

Fluffeh Muffin says:

LOL, thanks anyways bro šŸ™‚

TRYHARDNIGZ asdsda says:

Some of those songs were just straight up gay.

Dylan Saranov says:

lol the subaru is shit….

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