Japan’s Retro Car Kings – Saving Classic Japanese Automotive Culture

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Saving Japanese Automotive Culture Through Restoration & Transformation Article Link: http://www.downshiftmagazine.com/2013/02/an-indepth-look-at-japans-retr…


Timothy Wiiret says:

nice cars… i’d take that 70 Skyline and drop in a small block Chevy with
about 500 bhp and a 6 speed… 

Feelthefx says:

everything from japan is just, better.

Olextric says:

Holy shit
The Devil Z

Ayrina Aini says:

I,m happy seeing all this car. Mr.Nakai is a one brilliant car restorer.

MrTitaniumBG says:

whats that car at 9:56 is that an old skyline? 

TinB17 says:

10 000th subscriber 😀 BTW, this videoi was amzaing!

Borderline5440 says:

Gotta hand it to Nissan, that RB26 is a nasty, raspy, amazing engine. Hard
to believe a 6 cylinder can sound that good!

Amno Chotan Samkura says:

A must watch……

smiley00341 says:

True Craftmanship a lost art!!!

alex garcia says:

Can’t wait to get my hands on a datsun 240z or 280z. Soon 

Speed King says:

Not bad….

Kemuel Chavez says:

Beautiful Cars

Misbahuddin Hunafa says:

I’m really inspired by their craftsmanship.

Omar Castellanos says:

Forget about the other post… here it is!

Millie Harper says:

Japan’s Retro Car Kings – Saving Classic Japanese Automotive Culture +Jon

Ion Racer says:

It’s awesome that anyone can restore vintage steel no matter how many
cylinders they have or what part of the world they’re from. I respect
these guys and they’re dedication to keeping old cars on the road for
anyone who wants one to enjoy. I’m not a big fan of Japanese cars or their
smaller engines, but i have a huge amount of respect for them and their
craftsmanship. Keep up the great work!! 

ivegotkicks says:

rb26 in that kenmeri skyline? crazy.

Diego Hurtado says:

Old School JDM!

Ian Stallings says:

Japanese car geeks range from redneck to ricer.

Headley Duncan says:

watching this now

ConstructiveGamer says:

popularized long nose design?!!? bitch please! american muscle was in on
that WAY before japan was…

liudawg888 says:

so jealous, wish i could do shit like this

Dylan Harrington says:
Don Manson says:

Cool show if you’re into Japanese cars.

iainas14 says:

got to love the hard working perfection of the Japanese people, take a leaf
out of their book rest of the world, oh, hung on, to busy
instagramfacebookingtweering…….. dicks

Neocodeauthor187 says:

Brilliant doco thank u for uploading 

karl knudson says:

that red stuff shrinks and shows every place you put it later when the
paint fully cures you can see the red putty shrinking in the paint
,evercoat makes a beter glazing putty with a catalist that fully cures in
minutes and will not shrink ,way better !

iainas14 says:

Awesome stuff,
I have owned soooo many jap cars, and they never break down, perform
well/handle/stop etc, plus you can modi them a million different ways….
very happy with that considering that the first time i went to V8 GM i had
nothing but problems ….which sucks cause i have always loved the old
school shit, but if its a non handling stopping low performance POS then
there is only one chioce = JAP
Don’t get ya backs up about it GM boys, i still want to give the new camaro
a go…….. we will see 

Éric Théoret says:

Great vid thanks for this

Rami Hu says:

Do those Japs garages have branches in Europe?? With such dedication and
precision, I can see them many customers here

ganners09 says:

Great documentary, love when they just don’t talk about the cars but show
them and show the enthusiasts working on their cars. Thumbs up from me.

FiredEmpire says:

As I honestly came countless times while watching this fucking amazing porn
and now my semen is all over the screen, I just can’t see the number of
dislikes coming from faggots and neglected poor wives who have extreme
petrol head husbands like these guys.

Daemeon93 says:

I’m usually a muscle car fan, but the problem with them is that they aren’t
really meant to do corners, and can sometimes be a little bulky. But with
these classic Nissan cars, it’s like a muscle car and a rally car. I really
have started to like them.

Also, this documentary was great. It shows how much pride these Japanese
car mechanics/designers have and how much they care about their work.

Boba Nofat says:

what an awesome find this was a late sunday night

Maddoxx x says:

taking cares of an old car can be somewhat frustrating because it requires
skill, time, more expensive for the rare spare parts and most importantly
your patience and love for the car…

Christopher Huron says:

This video is amazing

RodWone says:

i creamed my pants!

Pucadupr says:

this kind of video MUST BE 1080p

Jason Sims says:

Truly amazing. Glad i finished watching this. I’m not in the mindset of one
side vs the other. I like both ideologies and respect them equally. This is
what i wanna do with my life too.

Chris Pompa says:

Dear santa……

Shawn Shing says:

Tank you for this awesome cars , love it !

hatim abdullatif says:

i just so in love with the Z, like a 1st love. really wanted to have it so
badly ;(

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