JDM Fest 2014 | Cebu x LegitManila

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JDM Fest 2014 Cebu x Manila feat. Legit Manila February 14-16, 2014 Parkmall / Queen City of the South Cebu, PH [Soundtrack used:] Adventure Club – Gold (Ft….


Frank Enstein says:

hey anyone know song on7:13 please and manyb thanks

WorksProductionFilms says:

sick ass video

ThisNameIsntOriginal says:

so much rice i could start a Chinese restaurant 

Kevin Munoz says:

ugly ass girls lmfao

Gavins Beard says:

I’m sorry but that Pink/Red Civic on the white banded steels looks fucking
horrible with that much camber. Stancing Jap cars should be a crime.

AAron Balakey says:

some of those chick were pretty scary lookin haha

samartz says:

what country is this?

Cj Cavell says:

home town! cebu! woohoo!. :DDDDDD

KyleKennedyRH says:

White car+florescent blue rims=Boner in my book

itsBeazzy says:

i own a SLK just like that one at the end 😀 

Ethan Sutton says:

Came for the cars, left when I saw the girls

Arnold Briceno says:

Love to see cars being loved like we do in the U.S. !!! JDM BABY :)

Yeah Nah says:

Epic video, but what’s with all the JDM stickers and stuff? Most of them
were LHD, so basically they weren’t even made for the Japanese market. 

Carlos Kaos Claroh says:

Nissan ♥

jench78 says:

So you decided to include some utility truck with aftermarket wheels.
Mitsubishi also makes air conditioners. Maybe you dumbasses should have an
event featuring custom painted home appliances. JDM fo life

fokuz02 says:

Nice selection of cars and chicks. Never thought an old Corolla could look
so good!

TrIpMo1981 says:

Hmm, I have seen nicer JDM shows. I missed the Nissan Skylines, Nissan
Silvia’s, Toyota Supra’s, more Honda Civic’s. Also I always laugh at those
that drive a Honda Jazz and put the tag Mugen on it just for the show….
Btw some philipina’s looked good, most were ugly tho. Always when I visit
Philippines I literally have girls around me everywhere. Why do philipina’s
love white guys so much (yes I am good looking)

Jāni Strazdiņš says:

by the looks of this meet most people are getting tired of mad fitment,
crazy chamber and scraping… 😀
alot of refreshed factory looking cars with nice detail work… more like
wag scene.

Denny Pilit says:

Hoy!! JDM!!

Gavins Beard says:

Also a top mount on a Toyota engine with no scoop on the bonnet, how does
it get much air? if any….

Frank Enstein says:

ok found it :)

Henry Garcia says:

Follow @importz101 insta

Reddy Reg says:


Billy Summers says:

2:30 that civic is dope 

spiffehs says:

How do I take good footage like this?

Maic Marc says:

Imma buy an ek9 when i get there daym, gotta save up

Andy K says:

d-do those slanty wheels even work like that?

Did..I come to the future?

Byron De Villiers says:

Sickest vid

Sebastian Hejlman says:

1:48 sick starlet!!!!!!!

Jeronimo Vargas says:

I didn’t see a prelude…

Dylan Chaviano says:

What is the song name on 4:35

Bango Basbaas says:

nice cars.

Jordan Jet says:

Love the vid

Hase Parks says:

Some of these cars seem to have their tie rods broken…lmao

Paul Lenidrik says:

Dat legit

sombagonkaron says:

Nice video!! What are you using to edit?

leothedirilo says:

Thanks grey market! 

brandon harris says:

wooooow thats all i can say!!!!!!!

Roman007M . says:

Great Tune, Editing & Classics!

LosValois says:

sweet turning radius bro

callum wagner says:

This is the perfect car show edit dude! So much love

NEWSoyeR says:

Most of cars are pink, white, black…

Cars be my life says:

i drive a r33 skyline

piotrekgamer says:

Jdm rules

JJ VW says:

Damm Philippine girls are hot as FUk 

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