JdM Honda CRV Tribute Fire Hot

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Talent DBZ 🙂 Enjoy.


Chrisyourlegend says:

Can someone tell me the name of the rims in the first crv pic?

Phreshkid316 says:

Hondas are japanese therefore JDM

Renato Furtado da Silva says:

hey … these cars are very beautiful. The owners of parabens ta. thank you

Sal Norton says:

I drive a 03 CR-v SE k24 and there mosty shit CR-v’s in this video not
hating but Not that good bro..go to goggle type “Honda CRV slammed pic’s”
there’s some nice pictures of some badAss Honda CR-v’s that do it

jdognutz says:

@jeffreybob46 corny is making me seen and haters making me famous 🙂 JDM

hellaflush my honda says:

there all from facebook

jeffrey bob says:

First comment…. and might i say…. MOST these cars are corny….. this
isnt JDM….. this is a let down

Geo Crv says:

@chrisyourlegend if im not mistakin those are srt8 rims ,,,,painted white

fluoresc entone says:

gay as fuck

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