Late Night Car Meet GTA 5

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TheJunior3600 says:

Dude whered you found the Obey?! Tailgater( michaels car)

Sean Johnson says:

Would love to car meet up GT: oG Venom XT

codfan122 says:

Why does every ones car look lower then they should be. And how do you get
your good up with wrecking your car and also how do you leave the lights on
your car. Stay on when ur out of it?

sergsrt8 says:

Message me ur gamertag i wanna add u and go to one of these lol

Sam Grierson says:

If anyone wants a meet on GTA v ps3 Add xX_iTzz_SaM_Xx

Drift Silly says:

I host lobbys like this every night.

MrMiata drifts says:

add me on xbox anyone up for car meets vts dubst3p 

angel arellano says:

Sk8head 117 gamer tag 

OsC_InsanE says:

I wanna join some car meets so if anyone is hosting add me PSN : OsC_InsanE

XxM3TALGUMxX says:

fffuuuuuuuckkk i want to do this sooo bad! i know you probably get a shit
ton of requests but you should invite me next time my GT is: canibeat2012

Thomas Petersen says:

emmm thoose cars shhahhh maybe some super cars next time the pegassi vacca
is cheap

Alex Ortiz says:

How do you get the cars so low?

michael salazar says:

If i was there with my tank ill blow all those cars up

Chris Antonio says:

I want to go to one can you hook me up in one PSN XxTRUEPINOYxX14 please
and thank you 

Michael S. says:

What club is this? & what console is it on?
Happy Holidays Gamers! Recruitment efforts are still in effect for
StreetMotors CarClub on the Xbox Platform. Our numbers have increased since
my last post. I’m happy to say we’ve hosted/taken part in several
successful car meets & races with Crew mates & a few other car enthusiasts.
So if you’re looking to befriend some cool people looking to cruise, race,
take a few cool snap shots or let the lead fly may be StreetMotors CarClub
is the crew for you.

Gonzalo Chang says:

How did he open the hood?????
Do you have play PS3?
Sorry if my english is bad

Kyle Ramos says:

Anyone interested in car meets/races? Add me GT: Ramoxxx420

jojo1997ization says:

Add Me We Do Car Meets: Khmer_253 Fresh On Ps3

pittmane says:

Gonna be having drag races, drifting, cruises, and taking pictures. Bring
out some dope rides and be cooperative. And if you have a mic use it, if
you dont make sure you can listen to us in the game. 

Carlos Salegio says:

I got my people and crew. My gt is zenkikush hit me up !

alockz sixtwosix says:

Anyone down for a meet on xbox hmu n I will come 

Sam Grierson says:

Hosting the best JDM/Stanced car meets on GTAV for PS3!

We only want people who can cruise & meet properly!

If you can then add xX_iTzz_SaM_Xx for an invite.

Lobby’s get full pretty quick so first come 1st serve! :)

OsC_InsanE says:

Rocketboy I Have A Little Crew We Do Videos And Stuff. I’ll Add You Once I
Get On. Won’t Be On Tull August Tho.

Couch Potato says:

i really would love to do this xbl gamertag is CTR Reloadz. anybody add me
we can do this and a cruise.

Sam Grierson says:

Hosting the best meets daily on PS3
Add xX_iTzz_SaM_Xx for an invite

Kosta Förstårii says:

Anyone on PS3 ? PSN : Mr_Dizzyyy

Master Nut-Stomper says:

LMAO theres a guy with a fucking dune buggy.

ItsHyperChips [GFX,Gaming,Vlogs] says:

Im hosting a lobby now Add Me xbox ItsHyperChips

zerokool327 says:

lol amazing! good job

xxMCcrafter77 says:

If anyone wants to do this with me message me on xbox360: xxmccrafter77

tyler10zHD says:

Mad add me please I whiny to do car meets xbox360 my name is. LiquiD Homer

Läuft bei dir says:

So many german cars :DD

[BGD] Yolo says:

Add me alwayslarz if i got my xbox live gold again i will host a lobby Xbox

Brian Simard says:

Sick! Cant wait to hit the streets in real life when I get my license! 

oshay williams says:

nice music bruh

Robert Taylor says:

invite me bro: illuminati n6

ewestclassic9 says:

Any meets going on tonight on Xbox? GT> Dubzupskater24

TheSlowestStart says:

Now this is the fast and furious I like! Just nice and simple, you got to
the parking lot and everyones there and it looks amazing with all the cool
rides and rods sitting there. Then they freeroam around the city and have
quick drag races in between and eventually the cops get involved and thats
the end. ABSOLUTLY PERFECT!! You made my day

Loyal Production™© says:

add BE L0YAL ( 0 = zero ) still love meetings ..

Steffen Flindt says:


CreacherRDK hs says:

I want to goto one of these.. im on xbox hit me up GT: Male Twerker

Grimm Reeper says:

Hmu for next meet! On here or gta v….ps3 bigchief03….thnx! 

ImperialDoor says:

That’s sick. Message me on Xbox: ImperialDoor. I want to go to a meet.

Brandon Neate says:

is your on xbox buddy could the next time ur doing a car meet send me a
invite or drop me a message Vibe Clutch is my GT, thanks brandon 

Sean Johnson says:

Sorry I couldn’t join dude 🙁 my internet went off and wont be on for
awhile but when it does I’ll hit you up and we’ll drive/cruise ect.. :)

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