SpoCom 2012 Anaheim JDM Import Car Show & Import Models

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The import car scene found its way to the Anaheim Convention Center on a mild day in August. Tons aspiring photographers converged with a fair share of aspir…


Felix Neo says:

02:10 evelyn lin? The one who was in the adult industries before?

Alphamous Ryo says:

no holly lee? QQ

fadetosepiaFilms says:

Don’t recall seeing Holly Lee, will look out for her next show just for you.

Brittani Paige says:

@LaGantoise I agree

darkarsenal says:

DUDE THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Srsly your recording and editing skills are
FUCKING AMAZINGGG This is put together so much better then most the carshow
videos u see and the music actually fits it perfectly!!! Hope to see more
videos with your awesome skills!!!!

Alphamous Ryo says:

ahh so lucky!! i live in Alaska so i cant go to them car shows and when i
do go to california she never at the car shows i go to.. but now i see she
has been modeling and attending more car shows often..I’ll Catch her the
next time haha ^^

Eric Edwards says:

Wer sind die Models?

MrCheatersdie says:

whats name of soundtrack ???

Henry Ngo says:

she was there 🙂 i saw her , many people took pictures with her and of her

Nathan Lee says:

Damn brittani is hella fine whoeva cheats on that deserve to have that ass
whooped lol

Brittani Paige says:

Thanks for having me in this video , didnt even know I was being recorded

LaGantoise says:

Woaaaa a list with the names of all the ladies!! Now that’s what I call
service! Very much appreciated, Sir.

Mike Johnson says:

can i upload this to my channel, i will give you all the credit.

Blazing Rims says:

Loving your Videos mate .. keep em coming ! 🙂

TN T says:

first soundtrack….Lights – Ellie Goulding Remix

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