Tuner Car Show Video – Cool Cars @ SpoCom Anaheim 2012 – Drift, Import, JDM, Exotic, Euro, Luxury

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Catch-up with Tuner Tom as the guys from Autobytel attend the SpoCom Car Show at the Anaheim Convention Center. SpoCom brings together the best Modified cars…


Thomas Rosquin says:

Here’s the great video TJ made. PLease go and Google+ it, Youtube thumbs
up, Facebook like, tweeter it and so one. Oh and be sure to make a funny
comment on the youtube page. 

Asher Brown says:

This Feels Like Fast & Furious….

vinnumbercheck says:

Whoa! The engine is sick.

barbrothers says:

my favorite was the nissan silvia at 6:30 its so cool

Michael Macaluso says:

looks like allota ricers to me 😀 lol

T.J. Keon says:

SpoCom’s lookin’ AWESOME!

Alexis Alarcon says:


Johnny Bravo says:

Sexy Genesis coupe

Im Da Guido says:

0:30 huge dude!!!

jojothis1 says:

5:43 ill feed her my bamboo

can2ej6 says:

… anyone getting tired of the word “tuner”? isnt enthusiast better?

Thomas Rosquin says:

Haters My Motivators~! And no one will get CHAV. Its not 1998 anymore

Miguel Villalta says:

9:07 HONDA CITY TURBO2 that is one rare car too see.. great vid.

GrandVapors says:

The Forest Wang 240 is soooo sexy….

blacksuan1 says:

I want to goooo

barbrothers says:

its cute 😀

mb013962 says:

love the honda city turbo II

TheParone says:

Never seen a bigger collection of chav in my life. So many ruined cars
driven by tools.

Thomas Rosquin says:

Snootchie indeed!

poooooow says:

Wow, great episode



pmpmwt says:

Great job Tom…. kool cars

emo1978pr says:

Excellent episode!…

Thomas Rosquin says:

Freaking DOPE! I love me some EVO

Sean Corbett says:

Thanks! The Honda city is my car. Be sure to add me on Facebook (search

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