Fintona 2011 Modified Car Show – MaxedNI

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MaxedNI coverage of the Fintona Loud and Live Extreme Moto Show 2011. Featuring some amazing modified cars and stunt driving from Paul Conlan, Steer from the Rear, Opposite Lock and even some Moto X jump riders. Pleae watch, enjoy and share this video

(Formally available in MaxedNI Video Magazine Issue #0, Part 2)


Dean Mc elwee says:

I seen myself

John Testo says:

I appreciate that? sir 🙂

kingsofworld17 says:

This is going to be one of my favourites!

Tim Mantsch says:

Good job,mate.Very good.

thai phong Tran says:

Im liking this shit…. Favorited

Jackerknife says:

All of your videos are really good.

thai phong Tran says:

Cool vid, I subscribed and im going to check out your other vids!:D

Ramuniakas LoL says:

a favorite from me?

Hieu Le says:


Amhappy Android Apps says:

Checking out all of your other vids 🙂

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