Insane Car Modification

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Ah, the automobile… Such a cool machine and there are so many things you can do to a car or a truck to make it much cooler. With all the cool aftermarket accessories out there that almost anyone can bolt on, there are a lot of nice cars out there. But for some, the normal modifications just aren’t good enough for them. Ever seen a car with enough power to beat a fighter jet in a race or a car with a pool table built into it? Then you’ve seen nothing yet… Check out some of these most insane car modifications.


MrSpaz57 says:

Ahh, Top Gear. That was a good show.

Thetankist 90210 says:

That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen.


LOL Ahri says:

How to not get arrested once you got pulled over.
"Wanna play some pool?"

Alpha Trooper says:

Again it’s called an exhaust

Alpha Trooper says:

It’s actually nitromethane

Alpha Trooper says:

What is so cool about brake horsepower when that only contributes to the brakes not the wheels

Turtle says:

Shirako approves the sound system van

T B says:

8:25 The true meaning of "back seat driver".

Jurica Čiješi says:

That nissan truck is also in gta5

Sharp Objects Forge paul spilles says:

Jay Leno's tank car absolutely awesome

Owen Jackson says:

When you STILL have no idea what you're talking about.

Joe Dejo says:

i like the hot rod



the 4 amigos says:

That's one fast tt

Cold_ Slayers says:

We all know that jet was so close to stalling

The Official 3454Kyle says:

that camaro ss has no supercharger… do your studying before… it isnt possible to have a super charger and turbo charger in the same engine

hellfucker kid says:

the tank motor is brutal

Ivan Martić says:

1:50 a nissan? Wtf its a toyota it even is written on the tailgate

shfity5 says:

Lol. Play this at 25% speed and it sounds like that one friend, who’s way too into cars, got drunk and told you every “crazy” story he ever heard.

Duo lingo Owl says:

That F4 was under 1/3 throttle… that is a jet that is capable of MACH 2 (might be 3 can’t remember) Mach 2 is about 1300 MPH. What a fucking gimmick

Gacha guy Christian drochak says:

Man r u retarded. Looks like a Nissan pickup with Toyota spelled in bold letters

Susan Jackson says:


Susan Jackson says:


yellooh says:

Have to get it how you live right?

The Gadget says:

Superbb ❤️

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