Junkyard Rescue! Saving a 1950 GMC Truck – Roadkill Ep. 31

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One of the most incredible junkyards in the history of junk is Turner’s Auto Wrecking in Fresno, California—and on this episode of Roadkill, Freiburger and Finnegan hit those 100 acres of vintage sheetmetal and go spelunking for gold! After considerable debate, the guys select a 1950 GMC shortbed truck that had been off the road for 26 years and jam to get it running and driving for the trip home to Los Angeles. At least there was a 50-percent victory. Watch as the guys revamp the Jimmy inline six, panic over a wrecked master cylinder, sweat their cajones off for four days, and explore one of the greatest old-car stashes ever!

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Xavier Veal says:

I saw a crashedlamborghini countach in a pile of flatened trucks

Giovanni Smith says:

The exhaust is kinked near the rear axle 17:48

JAG Milan says:

They should put a all aluminum v6 and turbos in pigpen

deanda5150 says:

Finnegan I think I want to take you home. I don't care what my wife will say but you had me at
" I feel like I should be drinking a beer but it's only 8 in the morning." You my dear sir is what I want my son to grow up to be. I know this post is 2 years after the episode but I just had to get that off my chest. Tell your wing man DF he's on my list too.
Keep up the great work You guys rock it.

Ventures With Joe says:

@19:37 you can see the exhaust has a big crease in it

Grumpy Pig says:

Born the same year, have an infinity with this thing, hope someone takes the time to rebuild me when the time comes,


Hey, who else saw the chevy covette at 1:40 in the backround

vic tweezy says:

i was so happy to see you guys pick him up! This truck is awesome in my book.

Kieran Carter says:

LOL…if you've watched the newest roadkill (Harry) you can see the issue…(no spoilers, gotta watch all of pigpen)

demonic477 says:

I don't get it there both mopar heads and they left a 63 valiant for the gmc I bet that gas a battery and trans fluid is all you would need to get that valiant started I know I had one they came with 318 wide blocks the size of a 440 dodge motor there had to be some thing wrong with it for them both to leave it for the jimmy.

mike golden says:

17:40 nice crimp ……does that make oil psi rise?

aserta says:

You have to realize that this car was parked there for a kink. Even in rust, it looks waaaaay too good for a junker. So not only these two missed it, so did the guy who sold it for junk. Incredible.

brandon Watlington says:

is the red car a jaguar like the draguar

brandon Watlington says:

hey its a gay mans chey

Yadira Stapp says:

The exhaust is bent

Tyler Whitney says:

One tip right behind the muffler there is a pinch in the pipe FIX IT!!!

crimsonscull says:

19:35 they literally filmed the last problem with the truck

Darcy Russell says:

11:04 "its not even smoking" Might have had something to do with the exhaust being pinched down hahaha #becauseroadkill

Jacob Wells says:

Its not smoking cause the exhaust is kinked

Trucks nTractors says:

at 19:35 you can see the kinked exhaust that caused the entire crankcase pressure issue as proved in the Harry the Tow truck episode

noidle22 says:

19:35 there's that kinked exhaust pipe…….

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