Make it Extreme's Fat Bike

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This week’s project takes us back to our childhood memories as we have made a BIKE.
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Roberto Hernandez says:

No le entiendio su idioma pero me gusta su trabajo de motos electricas muy bueno

Genaro Francis Tabag says:
.Compare to any oscillating pedals in the world, this invention is the best because…

– Installation is in bottom bracket of conventional bike frame.

– Very easy to assemble (only 40 minutes…)

– World's simplest oscillating pedal (fewer parts compare to any oscillating pedals)

– 30 % more efficient than conventional bicycle crank ..

– it is the most affordable.
– Most lightweight and compact.
– Can be incorporated with derraileur gearing system.

Inventor: Genaro Francis Tabag

werovan says:

Ahora sería general que le adaptarán un motor hecho de un alternador para ver si puede con la bicicleta

Meniya Visal says:

Mere Liye Bhi Ek banado

Абдурахим Сафаров says:

саломалекум Из Таджикистан мужики малатси

Gary Johnson says:

It was already too heavy at 00.43

Khursid Ansari says:

mujhe vi chaie

Rizwan Rafeek says:

You don't need to got to gym after riding this bike.

Manuel Molina Benítez says:

Con esos neumáticos tan grandes es imposible subir una cuesta aunque sea pequeña, acabas reventado, necesita un motor eléctrico para que sea viable.

jorge luis Bringas says:

Bacán saludos desde perú

pandit ji says:

Nice this video

pandit ji says:

Nice this video

irshad Ahmad says:

where is the brakes ,????????????

Fan of Singer says:

What is price of the cycle. I want to buy

Abraham Pozos says:

Yo quiero una

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