New World’s Fastest Car! Ford GT Bad v8 1700 Hp – 455.817 km/h ( Guinness World Records )

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Performance Power Racing Re-Sets the Guinness World Records holding for Fastest Standing Mile-Street Car at 283.232 mph

Johnny Bohmer Owner of Performance Power Racing and Driver of the World Famous BADD GT, along with Matt Lundy, Lead Design Tech, piloted the 1700+ horse power Ford GT down NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility Runway this week setting a new Guinness World Record at 283.232 mph in the Standing Mile. The Standing Mile is an event in which a vehicle, from a dead stop, accelerates completely through the one mile mark.


aicher1000 says:

Would of preferred to listened to the sound of the engine rather than that shit music. I fact it fucked me of so much I was hoping the engine blow up

lonewolf5460 says:

Fucking tools no sound really? makes the power to beat a world record… but the music is more important.

Real nigga says:

why would you take this car over a fucking buggatti when the fuck will you ever actually being going 300mph on a public fucking road, its about the luxury

Jiany Mass says:

the fake camera sounds is horrible

Jiany Mass says:

comparing it to a veron. please, the quality in veron is so superior it's an insult. anyways

Bryan Hartnoll says:

exactly! try a video without fucking music!

Maskulinism says:


uutubeism says:

Who ever put his video together if F'ed A video of such an awesome car and all we get to hear is shit music. Far out. All people want to hear it the car !

Nazimelon says:

well this might be the fastest car. still it doesnt have a full stereo at 400kph.

masso172 says:

Evidence or it didn't happen.

felsner1 says:

Fuck you for wasting my time…

choopernija says:

bugatti vayron is only the fastest street car tho…

Double J says:

One of their kids made this video, and there was no one at that awards ceremony, not even one proud mom.

Msimisi Maseko says:

I can guarantee that with the engine that the bad gt has, after a day of track you will need to twerk a few things and replace oil category components and emission chargers. not with the bugatti. you can track day long including week and still take your kids to school. I can bet that the heat in that bad gt is terrible in traffic and needs speed to help cool is down in a hot day in traffic. not with the veyron. its not about speed but about quality.

let me school you The bugatti is an everyday car.
The bad GT is a tuned super-car with racing and performance parts to make it fast. it is built based on speed and racked of from a production car which in turns can't be legal in some countries. funny enough possibility of making an identical car is 1 : 10 000

now ratio vs torque vs engine displacement:

The veyron compression inside in the engine is 9:1 allowing is to be use driven in traffic jams without having any trouble with heat, lubrication in the engine, or breaking a connexion rod because its torque at low revs.

The engine of the bad GT compression ratio seems to be 9.4:1 with high possibility of less warranty to stand the test of time. the turbos need lot of power to keep balance which is obtained at high revs. The max torque of 1,600 nm should come at a high 6,500 rpm making it terrible to drive in the city or just around your home back to garage.

we will not go into quality of making the car an every day car with stereo aircon, suspension, user friendly, importing, specifications, road licensing in street road countries. in some countries this gt can only qualify for track.

now if u own a super car u will know that the nissan gt is much faster in take of and it being a production car means this is a topic for another day

Oshinamitoyoto says:

Btw do any of yall read the comments because about 5780 of them are the same thing

Oshinamitoyoto says:

What is this song

Oshinamitoyoto says:

what is the song in the beginning need some help

Mahmooda Hameed says:

bugatti veyron is not fast than this it can beat the venom gt

Mahmooda Hameed says:

awsome ist it

Tony Mattingly says:

the bugatti veyron is still the fastest stock mass production car in the world setting a speer of 277mph recently

steven livingston says:

Respect to any nut that'll hack a $150,000 car.

Be a Ossi says:

Hennesy is a Normal Street car
yours is a race car
for the Street is the Hennesy venom F5 the fastes car in the world

mellender0 says:

what a misleading title

Top Ant says:

Breaking the world record and what did I just see? Nothing much. Come on, you need to show us what you've got.

sweetvell70 says:

I agree it's lame as shit that there's no sweet sound of power but 3k dislikes for a street car that goes almost 300mph in the standing mile? Sounds or not… This car owns and I'm not even a Ford fan.

RadiantGreen says:

Does anyone have a problem with the fact that this is faster than any other top speed street car, can get there faster, is daily driven, runs on pump gas, and is built off of a 10 year old supercar?

davidsirmons says:

Tuner cars and production cars…not an equal comparison.

sparkywrighty82 says:

It ain't a production car though!

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