Owning A 671 BHP Focus RS, Modified Car Review

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2010 Ford Focus RS
Duratec 2.5l
Syvecs 625/671bhp On Meth
Gtx35 turbo
Tial 45mm external wastegate
Scc tubular manifold in ceramic gold
Vband downpipe in ceramic gold
Kms section 18 exhaust
Miltek Decat
Wisco pistons
K1 rods
Stage 2 cams
1000cc bosch injectors
External twin 044 fuel pump and swirl pot
AS inlet manifold
70 mm throttle body
AS Oil cooler
AS group A induction filter
AS dress up kit
AS torque mounts
Hr9 spark plugs
HKS boost controller
Pro alloy 50 mm core radiator
Pro alloy intercooler
Pro alloy oil breather
Pro alloy boost pipe kit
Samco blue/green hose kit
Extreme carbon clutch
AS pro series filler caps
Summit strut brace in ultimate green
Bonnet lifters
LED light show kit
Color coded engine
Vinyl graphics
K sport big brake kit
Yokohama ado8 tyres
BC coilovers
Bola b1 wheels sprayed in a one off Matt gold
ACR composites front bumper
Zunsport mesh
Bumper canards
Msport roof scoop
Very rare wrc carbon spoiler
St tip spoiler
Flyeye tinted lights
Lazy eye headlights
Racing tow hook
Streamline carbon, wing mirrors, bonnet vents, wrc side vents, bonnet trim, door pillars, light brows
Secondary bonnet with quick connect rally pod lights
Custom fox style wrc vinyl graphics
Mud flaps
Under car LEDs
All bulbs LED
Sparco race wheel
Sparco snap off boss kit
Sparco harnesses
Streamline carbon custom rs fox gear knob
Custom side plate seat trim with recaro logos
Little devil custom vent pods with rev/boost/volt gauges
2 x Kenwood 10″ subs
Kenwood 1800 mono amp
4x kenwood component speakers
4x 4″ kenwood speakers
Kenwood 720 amp


wakeup2theNWO says:

Launch control at the lights lol did you see the people shit themselves crossing the road, and happy 100th video Jamie

TheJeremyevans says:

all this car needs now, is a swear box and he's made.

loco boy says:

But did he builded? If not … no credits !

-Spore- says:

buy the AWD-Kit from WOLFRACING 60Fornt40Rear ! BUT its the best RS I EVER SEEn

RandomDan says:

The only ford I have ever seen that is sexier than Ken Blocks Fiesta

Liikavarvas2 says:

God this thing sounds so MAAAD! The launch control in the city made me hard enough to cut diamond.

tom ashman says:

the amount of money he has put into this car he could of got a better car lol

Ronan Munnelly says:

such a fucking beast

xshadow dps says:

replica Vorsteiner BMW e9X e90, e91, e92, e93 Tuning GT R S Bonnet gills DTM hood Vents grilles M3

Anon says:

A human version of basil brush. @4:20 Ha ha aha Boom Boom!!

- Lets Build With Sketchup - says:

1:49 bet that ambulance crew wasn't impressed as they see fatal's daily

vansien says:

nice, makes me think about doing more stuff to my 2010 RS400

Rick Hutchings says:

I'm not believing that is 671 your not even getting thrown back in the seats all that much 450 tops

peter bauer says:

ich liebe einfach Ford Focus RS mk2

Matthew J Stone says:

Hello seen this around popping and banging lol whats the NM of Torque on it cheers

Jack dN says:

What does that owner do for a living?

Michael Pagano says:

what a beast of a car

Jack.F Rost says:

I know the feeling,I have a 110 BHP Astra!

crotchrocket00 says:

You would think this thing is powered by nitrous oxide with a bad exhaust leak which is why these guys giggle so much. =P

Nick Horton says:

He He He He CRASH. Get this thing to a track and do a proper and safe test/review.

Cole Morgan says:

This was mental, what a car!!!

Wilkkid1 says:

+Jamie_fyd yeah mate that car is unreal I wish I was sitting in it lol love the channel mate I religiously watch for new reviews :)

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