People Get ANGRY at LOUD CARS ![Extreme & Funny] (calling the cops) 2017 !

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People get super ANGRY and MAD at extremely loud cars, with aftermarket exhausts , or even loud straight pipes and downpipes ! ( or open headers ! lol ) Subaru with the Subie rumble , running an straight pipe / downpipe / Catback … Lamborghini revving the engine untill it almost blow up and people get mad. Nissan GTR r35 with loud backfires / 2step / antilag getting a Toyota Prius owner super mad. lmao. Amazing turbo sounds , nissan 240sx Turbo with downpipe, engine swapped i guess…Corvette zr1 doing donuts… and the Pink Lamborghini Aventador From Nicki Minaj. crazy modified cars , and some exotic supercars. enjoy this compilation , and next time you hear someone with stright pipes, don’t be “that guy” please 🙂 we love the way it sounds, just like you love the things you love . different tastes.

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240sx vs Angry Neighbor
By Lucky Leonard ;

by Swag Supercars ;

Crazy Guy goes MAD at Noisy Lamborghini!
by IPgang801 ;

Crazy lady throws coffee at corvette during exotic car meet
by Daniel v ;

How to Deal With concerned neighbors
by : and

Lamborghini LP640 passed by ANGRY Polo-Driver, LOUD Revs & Acceleration
by CarNeed16 ;

Nicki Minaj’s pink Aventador makes old man angry
by RealRev ;

Woman flips out over modified Subaru 2016
by Gary Dell’Abate ;

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Bam bam Banuelos says:

It's really quite sad most ppl want cars like these , maybe cuz it will be the only good thing they ever had to represent their lives idk lol , fkn sad ,but watevs do you

Lytsilon says:

Fuck! What am I supposed to do with this boner now?

Gabriela Maldonado says:

1:50 tipico envidioso de mierda que como no puede tener ese auto empieza a joder ahh no hermano consiguete el tuyo :v

2slash Shadow says:

Piece of trash .. Sounds like fart .. That's what r u driving

Matthew 2016 says:

0:56 I hate Prius's. Reply if you agree, or Comment down:

Matthew 2016 says:

0:27 I agree! I liked this vid so i might have joined the #BoostSquad

TheRocktalk says:

Not one of these fart cans actually even has a decent tone.

Lucas Holland says:

6:08 GTA V Online veteran's custom cars be like…

Lucas Holland says:

2:20 I fucking hate this souless ginger bitch smh

Lucas Holland says:

exhaust bumps cums in pants yessss

Andrew Lee says:

Stupid kids car noises

Titi Smart says:

Grown man driving a pink lambo

Alexander Davis says:

0:44 Cunt pruis's dont know what real sound is all he/she hears is fucking icejfish and his/her girl horn. cunt pruis!

Sandwich says:

Noshit that fkn guy is angry hebis a fkn prius owner

James Gonzalez says:

I got my dual exhaust x pipe done at an exhaust shop for my dodge charger, now i get complaints of neighbors saying im driving too fast when in reality all they hear is the noise thinking im going fast. Limit is 25 but i go around 15 – 20 in the neighborhood. Gotten notes on my door telling me to slow down.

Andy #Hakz says:

0:55 No one cares abvout the enviroment, that is right

CowGamingYT says:

yes i love those pops and bangs

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