Prius Gang from japan | worldwide modified cars

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Prius Gang from japan | worldwide modified cars


編sad痔 says:

Cool Prius

Meme God says:

idk why people hate on these. i actually like them

dawginthelawn 71 says:

I ogt uamits nad mybea ydsxlai rfmo htis vdoie

Fitness Gaming says:

Fucking hate these cars

HetShotNet says:

if u are gonna tune a pruis, make it a sleeper

Youtuber4682 says:

The fuck is wrong with people. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

T D says:

Cali has exhaust laws now. These quiet mail boxes will fit in perfectly there

keith jon klopper de dios says:

Where you buy those kits

OElitexMelo 7 says:

A Prius wtf these people thinking

Andrew Costel says:

So many JAPANESE Beetles

Bottle of Nuka Cola says:

Why the all have camber they’re front wheel drive

yod says:

Wonder if they're engine swapped, hmm

Richard Castromayor says:

Artificial muffler sounds i hear

dmV joZeef says:

I f*** wit it XD

AJV80 says:

My SRT takes shit bigger than that.. poofters united car club!

Neru says:

saw so many while I was in Japan, not gonna lie they look pretty nice in person. Some of them have been engine swapped

jimmy nyoike says:

BUT WHHHHHHYYYYY?…………… so many blenders

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