Screw Drive Vehicle – Extreme Off Road – Part 10 – THE END

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After some final modification the screw drive tractor is ready for some testing! It’s a wet may long weekend and it’s time to see if it will make it through my mini open pit mine…..and then reality sets it.

Checkout the complete screw drive vehicle build here –


combinatix says:

I'd go hydraulic way. Hydraulic pump powered by engine, hydraulic motors to spin the screws. Easy to control. Lot more torque.

claymore steel says:

might i suggest just walking? sarcasm for the win

ipanase megison says:

yeah work

Zach Hoyt says:

might have failed.. but I damn sure can respect the work done. trial and error my friend, im battling a mower boat currently lol

RedRider7240 says:

I find the editing work to be annoying

UTubeGlennAR says:

Well U got a lot to be proud of my man IMHO…… AND you learned tons in those 3oo hours of fab time I am sure…….. Big Congratulations is the last thing I will say………

Tractorman44 says:

As they say, "Rome wasn't built in a day"…. keep at it Rednic, you'll get it. You are MILES ahead of anyone professing negativity in their comments. I see a splendid mechanical mind at work. Take a look at this link and you'll see what you are trying to accomplish is within reach. FordSon Snow Machine

Keep up the good work.

Doug Lebeau says:

Almost lost 12 min of my life…  thx you!

banfieldmotorsports says:

Cool man I like your style.

Eric Preuss says:

much to much time

KsHoOt3R7 says:

lol "basically im screwed"

tracy george says:

holler at pug1 he prolly has what you need to fix it,

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