Top 10 Weird, Extreme & Amazing Homemade Vehicles

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In this video you will see 10 interesting homemade vehicles that you don’t see everyday.

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Hungarocopter HC-02 2017.08.21 -by: Árpád Szabó

Major Payne Test Drive 1 -by: Straight Up Racing

Monster Truck Tank Conversion -by: KNfilters

Bagged Rat Rod Trike: 190hp Snowmotrike?
-by: Tinman 2 Kustoms

Road Hauk Steam Jeep -by: AMSOIL INC.

Sturgis 2017 Hauk Steam powered Jeep! -by: Nick47

Hauk steam Jeep under hood 1 -by: Nick47

самодельный гусеничный вездеход на базе жигулей
-by: Евгений Курганский

Home built scratch car using a motorcycle engine (ZZR 1100)
-by: cryptkicker055


Modifikasi pontianak(lamborghini veneno) -by: modifikasi

Black Pearl aus FUEL ZWEI [2/2015] -by: MOTORRAD



The reason why you all are here 8:02 please sub me if you like

Flaite Romano diente de oro says:

El del min 8 es el verdadero lamborgoti de los simpson

Vishal Saha says:

don't try this at home upni hi ghobhi khud jani hay

E-jam Jaybee says:

See this 10:19 His trip is like my little boys car that uses the battery

Андрей Ленин says:

даст ист фантастиш

Raul Rodriguez says:


Thabo Dennis says:

What r the neighbors saying about the noise of the helicopter

Michael K Marwa says:

you need true guts just to switch on that helicopter imagine if the rotar snaps and there's nothing between the blades and his head

Don Jackson says:

7:03 very nice car!!!

urigeller Valdal says:

that chopper can move !!! maneuverability too…

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